Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick-or-Treat With Style!-Le Baby Hair Gel Review

"Goblins, and ghosts, and witches, oh my! It’s time for Halloween again and no matter if your little one is dressing up as a villain or a princess, there’s one thing that will make their costume extra special - their hair. Whether your little boy wants Dracula’s widow’s peek, or Cinderella’s lovely up-do, you can make them the most stylish trick-or-treater with Le Baby, a hypoallergenic hair gel designed especially for babies, kids and anyone with sensitive skin.
The 411 On Le Baby Hair Gel:
Hypoallergenic                                  No harsh chemicals
No parabens                                     No sulfates
Not tested on animals                       Fragrance-free
Thickens baby-fine hair                    Tames frizzies & fly-aways
Moisturizes                                        Softly holds curls
Keeps hairstyles in place                 Never leaves hair stiff or sticky

From taming those wild fly-aways to smoothing frizzies, Le Baby hair gel works on all hair types and is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. Whatever your child’s hair type, Le Baby will make combing and styling a cinch. Le Baby keeps hairstyles in place, contains no harsh chemicals or sulfates, and never leaves hair sticky.


Retail cost: $9.95

Below, please find further information about Le Baby. To visit the Web site, you can go to:

Meet Tami Dimmerman
Tami searched for a product that would tame and style her daughter Chloe’s fly-away hair without aggravating her eczema or irritating her sensitive skin. She hoped to find a safe, gentle and effective gel without harsh chemicals or potentially harmful ingredients. Unwilling to settle for what was in the marketplace, Tami spent months experimenting with different all-natural formulas until, through animal-free testing, she found the perfect combination and solution." 

My take

I was very curious to see what product I had received today for review. It was Le Baby Hair Gel! Just in time for Halloween! I can use this to help style my daughters hair for her Tinkerbell costume I got her at the last minute today. $35 for a toddlers costume. Can you believe it?!

At any rate, Le Baby Hair Gel was a little bit runnier than some of the other baby hair gels I have tried, but I loved the natural, not too overpowering smell. Slightly sweet. I also love that it is harsh chemical and fragrance free! And even better, babies, kids or anyone with sensitive skin (even adults!) can use it. You could probably use it if you just love green (like for the earth, LOL) hair products! 

The Bottom Line: Le Baby Hair Gel gets the stamp of approval for being chemical, and fragrance free! 

* I received 1 tube of Le Baby Hair Gel to facilitate my honest review. No other compensation was or will be given. 

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