Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fantastic Sams Fall Hair Tips and Facebook Offer

If “dry” and “stale” come to mind when you think of your hair during the fall and winter months, Fantastic Sams® Hair Salons has a great service to amplify fullness and thickness without a long-term commitment.

Without using chemicals, fantastictexture™ texture wave temporary service adds a soft curl to enhance any style, creating waves that last up to twenty shampoos. It’s a great low-cost way to keep hair looking voluminous and vibrant.

According to Pamela Kelly, National Director of Technical Salon Services for Fantastic Sams Hair Salons, texture services can achieve the following:
·         Create movement in your hair
·         Redirect your hair, give it body
·         Create fullness in thin hair
·         Support the style

If your problem isn’t one of volume, but of frizz, the following are some general tips from Fantastic Sams Hair Salons for controlling frizz during the fall and winter seasons:

  • Use a smoothing shampoo and conditioner that contains protein and humectants, such as FantasticCleanse™ shampoo and FantasticCondition™ conditioner.
  • Spray in a leave-in thermal protectant, such as FantasticCondition™ leave-in conditioner.
  • Let hair air dry as long as possible.
  • Blow dry hair in sections.
  • Use a boar bristle brush – this brings natural oils from your scalp down through your hair, making it shiny and smooth.
  • Use an anti-frizz styling aid, such as FantasticStyle™ smoothing gel, which leaves hair more manageable, flexible and fights frizz.
  • Visit your Fantastic Sams Hair Salon to get a FantasticIntensive™ Hydrate Moisturizing Treatment, which restores shine and replenishes protein in the hair.
  • Shampoo only every other day.

Additionally, I wanted to let you know Fantastic Sams recently launched a Facebook page! They’ll be posting deals and tips and interacting with polls and discussions. Currently, they have a launch coupon for $2 off an adult cut available for new fans through Nov. 2. I hope you’ll become a fan!

Find your nearest Fantastic Sams Hair Salon at www.fantasticsams.com.

Photo Credit: Fantastic Sams Hair Salons.

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