Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Doesn't Always Have to be Scary & Giveaway!

Halloween is just around the corner! That said, please see below for some timely “Healthy Halloween” tips from Pirate’s Booty.

Halloween Doesn’t Always Have to be Scary
Pirate’s Booty Offers Healthy Halloween Tips
On October 31st, millions of parents will dress their eager kids up as Hannah Montana or a Transformer before heading out the door for the annual trick-or-treating ritual.  This can be a scary feat for parents who encourage their kids to eat healthy throughout the year.  And, while some neighbors will opt for the non-treat, treat such as stickers, a glow stick or a low-fat crunchy snack, most will hand-out the obligatory candy assortment that is packed with calories and fat.

Robert’s American Gourmet Food, LLC, the makers of all-natural snacks including Pirate’s Booty, first developed its products specifically for the family in 1987 – before healthier alternative snacks even hit the marketplace.  The motto at Pirate’s Booty is that no matter the age – tot to teen – children need to learn how to eat healthy and balanced to sustain good eating habits for life.

Luckily, Pirate’s Booty’s resident pirate and well-being expert is here to offer some tips for a “Healthy Halloween”:
·         Fill it up.  Feed children a full, nutritious meal before heading out to trick-or-treat.  This can prevent them from devouring candy while out on the trail.
·         Barter a trade.  Offer coins or a coveted toy in place of the candy.
·         Do your research.  Some dentist offices have actually started implementing candy buyback programs the day after Halloween.  Kids receive a monetary reward, while the candy gets shipped to different organizations like US troops abroad.
·         Treat others.  Donate sweets to a local food bank.
·         Portion control.  Ration the candy and pack in zip lock bags.  Two to three small treats after a meal will fill that sweet tooth.
·         Help another parent out.  Hand out non-candy treats such as a low-fat snack pack. 

Pirate’s Booty is a tasty, fun snack that is the perfect fit for the “Help another parent out” tip above.  Believe us; sacrificing candy can still taste sweet!  Pirate’s Booty comes in a variety of flavors, including Aged White Cheddar, Barbeque, Veggie and Sea Salt & Vinegar and look out for a brand new, kid-friendly flavor – Pirate’s Booty New York Pizza!   

Pirate’s Booty is trans-fat, gluten and tree nut free, so it’s perfect for the kiddies.  Plus, Pirate’s Booty only has up to 130 calories per serving. 

Other great-tasting snacks include Smart Puffs, all-natural baked corn puffs made with real Wisconsin cheddar and Original Tings, all-natural vegan crunchy corn sticks.   Kids love the flavors and parents won’t have to be haunted by the idea of feeding their kids sugary snacks.  These Halloween treasures are fun and the product characters may even inspire future costume ideas!
We hope you’ll be inspired to live a little healthier and have fun while doing it!  Let’s weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!
Robert’s American Gourmet Food, LLC
Robert’s American Gourmet Food, LLC, an all-natural snack food industry leader and manufacturer of Pirate Brands, is located in Sea Cliff, NY and has been creating tasty treasures since 1987.  The company was founded on the belief that you shouldn’t have to “snackrifice” taste and fun for wellbeing.  Pirate Brands products are deliciously baked, all-natural snacks and include Pirate’s Booty, Smart Puffs and Original Tings.  Pirate Brands snacks are free from fryers, trans fats and ingredients you can’t pronounce, arrrrrr.  Products are sold in the US and Canada.  For more information visit:
Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Pirates Booty package! I opened up the box and there was what appeared to be a treasure chest. Inside was a wonderful assortment of Pirates Booty snacks. I received the Aged White Cheddar, Barbeque, Veggie, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Bermuda Onion flavors. I also received 1 package each of the Smart Puffs made with real Wisconsin cheddar and the Tings. I heard about Pirates Booty a few years ago when I was a nanny. A woman I worked for loved Pirates Booty and so did her kids. She always had the Aged White Cheddar and Veggie flavors on hand. I loved them too but hadn't had any in a while.
Yesterday I had the Smart Puffs, which were delicious, similar to Cheetos, but much healthier. My daughter had the Aged White Cheddar Pirates Booty. She had never tried them before and loved it! She ate the whole bag. Today we are both trying the Veggie flavor and it is very good too.
I also received some nice extras such as a key chain, temporary tattoos, a sticker, chip clip and coupon. Thanks so much Pirates Booty! I would whole heartedly recommend Pirates Booty as a smart choice of snack for the whole family.

I am going to give away one of my extra Pirates Booty temporary tattoos. Great for the kids! Leave your email in a comment on this post to enter to win. Ends in 1 week (Oct 23) at 11:59 pm central standard time. Good luck!

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