Saturday, October 10, 2009

Author Debuts First Book in Children’s Fantasy Trilogy

 I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of The Hole in the Sky by Barbara A. Mahler. It is the first in a trilogy of fantasy books for children ages 8-13. The book is beautiful upon seeing it, it is a hardback book. The cover is thoughtfully illustrated. There is an attached ribbon book mark as well. I read this story and couldn't put it down! I finished it in a few night reading it before bed. Much like absolute favorite young adult books, the Twilight Saga books, The Hole in the Sky is for teens, but could certainly be read by a young adult or adult even, and you'd love it just as much! I would absolutely recommend this wonderful book for the upcoming holidays.

Author Debuts First Book in Children’s Fantasy Trilogy

The Hole in the Sky by Barbara Mahler

The tragic 9/11 events and the death of one of Barbara Mahler’s closest clients prompted Mahler, a traditional medicinal healer, to write a book about the healing power of love and beauty of the human spirit. Drawing on her vivid storytelling skills, she wrote The Hole in the Sky, the first novel in a trilogy for children ages 8-13 (Sea Turtle Publishing, October 2009).

The journey begins as 13-year-old Kaela Neuleaf struggles with grief over her mother’s death and her father’s emotional withdrawal. When she finds a mysterious butterfly pendant and her mother’s old diary with the words “When you go through the hole in the sky, stay only as long as absolutely necessary,” Kaela believes that the magical life she longs to experience may actually be possible.

An unusual visitor leads Kaela and her cousin on a fantastical journey to a cursed land where they find beauty, adventure, strange and magical friends, and deadly enemies. The key that unlocks the curse lies hidden in the mystical butterfly breath, but to uncover it, Kaela has to overcome her grief and face her deepest fears before time runs out.

The Hole in the Sky is a story about loss and the healing power of love, and is based on Mahler’s experiences as a healer for more than 20 years, during which she has assisted people with chronic illness and cancer.

Mahler is the mother of one grown step-child and has a passion for healing and storytelling. She currently divides her time between her homes in Boulder , Colo. and Malibu , Calif. Her publisher, Sea Turtle Publishing, donates a portion of their profits to conservation organizations. The wood products used to make The Hole in the Sky are derived from 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources, the paper is FSC certified and printed by an FSC certified printer.

The Hole in the Sky by Barbara Mahler (Sea Turtle Publishing, October 2009, ISBN 978-0-9816764-0-1, hardcover, $20.95)

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The author of The Hole in the Sky will be visiting Austin, TX Oct 15-20 doing a couple of events.

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