Friday, October 23, 2009

Tinycandy's Gift Book Review

 "Susan Estes, Tinycandy’s Gift
Tinycandy’s Gift is a Christmas story of an elf named Tinycandy who is a little different from the other elves because he walks with a cane. Tinycandy is desperate to find his special “gift” in order to contribute to Christmas in Santa’s workshop and become accepted by the other elves. Tinycandy soon discovers that his gift is making special candies shaped like hooks that make Christmas a little sweeter for everyone. Impressed by Tinycandy’s new talent, Santa christens the special treats “Candy Canes.” Estes creates a unique history of how the candy cane got its name and weaves in a classic tale that conveys to children one of the pivotal rules of life."

I was so excited to receive my Tinycandy's Gift package! This heartwarming Christmas story is about an elf named Tinycandy, who is a bit different from other elves. He walks with a cane. Tinycandy elf  was trying to figure out what his contribution to Christmas would be. He decided to make special candies shaped like canes. Santa was so happy that he named the candies 'Candy Canes'. Thus the story of the Candy Cane! This book weaves a great background story of Candy Canes with the lesson that all people, even those that are different, are special. 

The Bottom Line: One of the best Christmas stories I've seen in a while. A very original concept on the "history" of candy canes with a beautiful lesson weaved right in. Thanks PR by the Book!

A special shout out to PR by the Book: I have been working with them for a while, and they are actually located locally here in Austin, TX. Thanks for your generosity!

*I received one (1) copy of Tinycandy's Gift in order to facilitate my honest review. No other compensation was or will be provided for this review.

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