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 Shiver me timbers!  On October 13, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release PLAYMOBIL:  THE SECRET OF PIRATE ISLAND on DVD.

PLAYMOBIL:  THE SECRET OF PIRATE ISLAND brings the characters and sets from the Playmobil Pirate playsets to life in an amazing CGI-animated movie!  The characters are so cute -- they look EXACTLY like the toys and their adventures are just like the ones your children imagine when they play.

And, while  the DVD can be set to play the movie straight through,  PLAYMOBIL:  THE SECRET OF PIRATE ISLAND also includes a special interactive feature which will allow kids to participate in the action by choosing from various options as the story progresses.  With 28 different possible story combinations, PLAYMOBIL:  THE SECRET OF PIRATE ISLAND offers families 28 different adventures on one DVD!

Based on the Best-selling Playmobil Pirate Playsets
Features Include Interactive Storylines, a Pirate Sing-Along and More
Debuts on DVD on October 13, 2009
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is pleased to announce the DVD premiere of PLAYMOBIL: THE SECRET OF PIRATE ISLAND. From the imaginative minds at Playmobil and brought to life by the CGI experts at award-winning Extra Large Technology, PLAYMOBIL:  THE SECRET OF PIRATE ISLAND is the first feature-length, interactive CGI animated adventure based on the best-selling Playmobil Pirates playsets.  The DVD will include Interactive Mode, Captain Gruff’s Favorite Movie Mode and a Pirate Sing-Along.  PLAYMOBIL:  THE SECRET OF PIRATE ISLAND will debut on DVD on October 13, 2009 with a family-friendly SRP of $19.95.
Would-be buccaneers can even participate in the action, as PLAYMOBIL:  THE SECRET OF PIRATE ISLAND features an exciting interactive storyline. At certain points throughout the story, the lead characters, Jack and Amelia, will turn to the viewers and ask, “What should we do?”  Two possible options will appear on the screen, leaving it up to the viewers to decide how the story will proceed. This unique feature allows for 28 different possible story combinations, making PLAYMOBIL:  THE SECRET OF PIRATE ISLAND 28 different adventures for the price of one!  It’s a magical adventure that will light up every child’s imagination.
Children and their parents will be able to go deeper into THE SECRET OF PIRATE ISLAND experience by beginning their journey at  Once there, they will have an opportunity to receive exciting special offers from Sony sister divisions including Free Realms, Sony Electronics, Little Big Planet and more!
Ahoy, matey! Your favorite Playmobil toys have come to life for the very first time, in an all-new swashbuckling adventure and you’re invited to join them! You’ll have a treasure chest full of fun with seven-year-old Jack and his big sister Amelia as they stow away on a pirate ship headed for the mysterious Skull Island — a place filled with treasure and curious creatures. Can Jack and Amelia stay one step ahead of a bunch of wacky skeletons and get to the treasure before the pirates do?

Interactive DVD Includes:
    •    Interactive version
    •    Captain Gruff’s Favorite Movie
    •    Pirate Sing-Along

DVD Catalog #:
DVD Order Date:
Running Time
90 minutes
Not rated
Artwork and digital clips are available for download at
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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
is a Sony Pictures Entertainment company. SPE is a division of Sony Corporation of America, a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation.  SPE's global operations encompass motion picture production and distribution; television production and distribution; digital content creation and distribution; worldwide channel investments; home entertainment acquisition and distribution; operation of studio facilities; development of new entertainment products, services and technologies; and distribution of filmed entertainment in more than 100 countries.  Sony Pictures Entertainment can be found on the World Wide Web at  For more info on Blu-ray Disc™, visit

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my Playmobil The Secret of Pirate Island DVD package for review! I received one DVD and press release. This is a completely different type of DVD. It has a setting where you can watch the movie all the way through, and an interactive version. When you watch the interactive version, at different points you will be asked 'What should we do?' and your child picks between 2 options. All in all you can come up with 28 different story combinations! Thats 29 different stories on one DVD. What a great value! The DVD also comes with a Free Kids Buffet offer from Cici's Pizza.

The Bottom Line: My daughter loved this DVD. We've never seen one like it! She loved picking where the story would go next. Thanks Playmobil for letting us review a copy!

* I received one (1) review copy of the Playmobil DVD to facilitate my honest review. No other compensation was or will be provided to me.

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