Friday, October 16, 2009

Save the oceans, adopt a creature for the holidays

I am including a philanthropic angle highlighting Oceana’s “Adopt a Creature” program.  It provides a fun and meaningful baking gift for all ages and generates important funds for Oceana’s efforts to protect coral reefs, address climate change, protect sea creatures and promote a healthy and abundant ocean.  

Oceana’s Adopt a Creature set offers online shoppers up to 6 sea creature cookie cutters and 4 sea creature plush toys they can virtually adopt in someone else’s name. Gift recipients receive an adoption certificate, creature facts and a sugar cookie recipe with the cookie cutters.  You can view all creature options at

This year as part of the 2009 Adopt a Creature program Oceana is teaming up with one of the youngest supporters to help promote our holiday program. 12-year old sea turtle advocate Casey Sokolovic was a finalist for the Ocean Heroes contest this year and has an inspiring story volunteering for a local sea turtle rescue center in her home state of North Carolina . As part of her efforts, she baked thousands of sea turtle cookies and held bake sales that raised over $3,000 for the protection of these beloved creatures. In her honor we have created a special sea turtle adoption package valued at $200. For more information on Casey you can visit the Ocean hero page:

Photos include images found in our online media kit here:, as well as images of Casey in action protecting turtles and baking cookies using our creature shaped cookie cutters.

Such exposure helps Oceana accomplish important victories for the oceans, which you can learn about at:

My daughter and I were very happy to receive a package from Oceana a few days ago. Inside was a rich assortment of press materials and a sample of the plush seal toy pictured above, and a framed adoption certificate. My daughter absolutely loves the seal toy and has been playing with it non stop for the past few days. Its been 'eating' breakfast with her and going to bed at night with her. I loved all the materials included for my reference, a folder with pamphlet, CD-ROM of hi res images, a guide to ocean friendly seafood, magazine, list of Adopt a Sea Creature packages, business card and letter to me. 
Note: As of November 1st, the Oceana oven mitt is being replaced by an Oceana pot holder in the cookie cutter kits. 
I am so happy to be able to review such a great product that makes an excellent gift while helping the worlds oceans and bringing awareness to climate change. I would surely recommend this gift for all your ocean loving friends & family this upcoming holiday season. Thanks Oceana!

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