Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WaterWorks Review

 *This article is intended for a mature reading audience.

WaterWorks is the first and only patented and FDA-cleared douching alternative that harnesses the cleansing power of ordinary tap water and medical grade stainless steel into one remarkable odor-eliminating product. WaterWorks is a safe and effective vaginal cleansing system clinically proven through six years of research to eliminate feminine odors.

Unlike other products, WaterWorks doesn’t just mask odors and it does not upset the delicate balance of the vaginal ecosystem. Because of this, WaterWorks is recommended by OB/Gyn’s.  Waterworks is the first-ever completely natural douching alternative. It is the easiest and safest product on the market and now distributed online on sites like and  It is also reusable and no prescription is required.

The top three reasons why women who purchased WaterWorks was that it is all natural and chemical-free; they felt it was an effective solution to their problem and lastly, their doctor recommended using WaterWorks. 

The spokeswoman for WaterWorks, Dr. Donnica Moore is a well-known women’s health expert and advocate; she has done more than 650 television appearances including, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, and Good Morning America.

WaterWorks is gaining momentum among women as a result of its national on line marketing and TV campaign plus word-of-mouth referral, due to its extremely high owner satisfaction rate.

Check out their website:

-Courtesy of Water Works Health


I was presented with the opportunity to review WaterWorks and knew that a product that is good for health must be reviewed! This isn't my typical review material, but as women we must be fierce!

Before I reviewed WaterWorks I was not an advocate of 'douching'. Women of my generation generally think of that as something our mothers do. I thought that douching would just mess up your 'personal ecosystem'.

But WaterWorks is a revolutionary new product that combines the cleansing power of regular water with the sterility of stainless steel. WaterWorks is the only FDA approved douching alternative. WaterWorks is a safe and effective personal cleansing system. WaterWorks is reusable, recommended by ObGyn's, and is available online on sites such as Amazon and WaterWorks is also natural and chemical free.

The product is easy to use. The stainless steel cleansing device is attached to a hose. That hose is attached to a small plastic bag that can be hung from your shower head. Fill the small plastic bag with water and it flows down to the stainless steel cleansing device. The water then flows by gravity emptying the water bag and provides the right amount of pressure needed for cleansing.

I won't go in to great detail of my experience, but I think WaterWorks is an awesome product. For the first time you can use a personal cleansing device that doesn't disturb your body's delicate balance. I love the fact that WaterWorks is FDA approved, recommended by doctors, all natural and chemical free.

I may have been a skeptic but I will definitely keep using my WaterWorks product. Its the perfect product for new moms!

*I received a WaterWorks sample to facilitate my candid and honest review. No other form of compensation was or will be given. All personal views are my own!

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