Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NabloPoMo: Facebook Meme

I got the idea for my make up NaBloPoMo (#12) post from The Queen's Meme blog. Mimi, Queen of Meme's posts meme's on almost every topic. I found a fun facebook meme and decided to give it a whirl. Feel free to copy the questions and post them on your blog. Leave me your link in the comments below!

1. Facebook has now surpassed Google in number of users and traffic.
How much time do you spend on Facebook? If not FB, do you use Twitter? I used to use facebook alot more but have been burnt out lately. I still love FB though! I use twitter a lot more.

2. What is Farmville? A silly facebook game

3. Do you war in the Mafia Wars? No thought I did play the game at one point.

4. What is Cafe World? Another silly facebook game

5. Are you being bombarded with these "See Who Has Been Looking At your Profile - See Who Your Peeps Are?" application request lately? Yes dang spammers

6. Which FB or Twitter applications, tags or gifts irritate you the most and why? farmville, etc

7. Every morning I am faced with the question at the top of my Facebook profile page, "What's On Your Mind?" Does the whole world need to know what I'm thinking at every moment? But if you had to answer that question honestly at 9:00 am each morning, what would you say? No and if I was being literal I'd say just got up, having breakfast, that sort of thing.
8. Do you know how you became friends and followers with everyone in your list on Facebook and Twitter? most of my fb friends are real friends, twitter friends are networking friends.

9. Have you ever been deceived online by someone you thought was someone else? How did you know? No

10. Do you enjoy chatting via Yahoo Messenger or AOL the old-fashioned way? If so, who do you chat with most online? Sometimes, mostly family

11. Have you ever been contacted on Facebook or via email under false pretenses, for dubious purposes, or by meddling nosy people in general? yes some weirdos and spammers

12. Think about it. We are all flitting around making bird noises on the internet. What would the PETA people say?! Can you think of a more suitable animal mascot for Twitter? Not really. deer maybe? jellyfish?

13. What kind of new cool innovative application would you like to see on Facebook or Twitter? What would you call it? I am fresh out of imagination for the day.

14. Have you ever had to block someone from Facebook or Twitter? On twitter, yes people with graphic images

15. Do you allow your real life friends to communicate with you there or do you prefer to be incognito to the universe at large? a little of both

16. Do you belong to any CAUSES on Facebook or Twitter? If so, what makes you passionate about them and why did you join? tons on facebook

17. Do you know what a Twibe is? Nope

18. Have you ever rage twitted? Tell me! sometimes I let off a little steam

19. I find that more and more people are reading my blogs on Facebook and commenting there. Do you share your blog posts on Facebook? Do you find that it helps or hinders your blog traffic? I dont post my blog posts on fb

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