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Nowadays, it seem like everyone’s schedule is packed to the max – especially moms.  Whether she works a from 9-5 job or she’s a stay at home mom, there is never enough time in the day to complete all of the daily tasks that need to be done.  With Mother’s Day just around the corner, now more than ever, mom’s could use some extra TLC!
Noting and acting on the trend is Tuval Mor, Co-Founder of, the first and only Web site that allows a customer to book a service directly with top beauty industry professionals or massage therapists to a client’s location.  “ helps everyone in the New York area to multitask – something that most mothers are already experts at.  Now, they’ll have the chance to get their hair or makeup done or even a massage while the kids are in the room across the hall playing, napping or eating a snack!” The Ultimate Beauty Guide At
Your Fingertips
The First Real-Time Online Booking Service Offering
24/7 Access for All of Your Beauty Needs

In a city where you can get just about anything delivered to your door — groceries, dry cleaning, Chinese food – what if you can book your own personal hair stylist, makeup artist – even a massage therapist to come to your home, office or hotel?  For many businesses, keeping up with the city that never sleeps is much easier said than done. However, for the first time a new online booking service,, is offering New Yorkers and ingenuous visitors direct access to the city’s top beauty professionals.  No request is too last minute when booking through  The newly launched Web site has created an innovative and convenient way for clients to reserve a variety of beauty services at any hour or on any day without the hassle. is the first and only Web site that allows a customer to book a service directly with top beauty industry professionals and massage therapists in real time to client’s location. The Web site grants its members 24-hour access to beauty professionals and massage therapists throughout New York City . Scheduling appointments in real-time allows clients to book services, at an exact time based on the professional’s availability.  According to Co-Founder Tuval Mor, “StyloNY is the ultimate convenience for individuals who want the best in choice and services.  It is a central portal where our members can easily find the right beauty professional that suits their needs and service location.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Clients can use StyloNY’s easy search tool to peruse booking pages detailing each professional’s services, rates, portfolios, testimonials, and appointment calendars. The simple search tool allows StyloNY members to conveniently find the stylist or massage therapist that meets their needs, with specific criteria options including: date/time the service is needed, an extensive list of beauty services offered, price range, online ratings and reviews, as well as a location of service that is convenient for the customer.
StyloNY is the first Web site to offer clients a quick and easy reservation system to book New York ’s best beauty professionals to the client’s preferred location,” says Co-Founder Giulia Heiman. “Much like what has done for the restaurant business, we are looking to reinvent the way New Yorkers book their beauty needs with StyloNY.”
How to Stylo?
StyloNY makes booking a stylist easy! Those using StyloNY for the first time will need to complete a quick online registration at no cost.  Once registered, members can begin their search by selecting a service location – at home, the office – any time and place that convenience and privacy are of importance.  Members can then select the service they would like to receive, which can range from a makeup lesson to a Brazilian Keratin Treatment.  Members will then be able to view booking pages based on their selected criteria.  Each page will include a complete list of the professional’s services and rates, images of their work, client testimonials, as well as the locations they serve in and around New York City .  Confirmations are immediately sent via email to members once they have booked their appointments.  “StyloNY truly makes the booking process so much easier and more convenient for both the stylist and the client,” says Giulia, who is also a top New York City hair stylist featured on the Web site. “I have been in the beauty industry for years and StyloNY is definitely a much needed tool that has been missing in my profession.”

Who Should Stylo?
Moving to the Big Apple
Often, one of the first things someone looks for upon moving to a new city is a new hair stylist.  Scrambling through numerous Web sites trying to find the perfect stylist can be time consuming and exhausting.  StyloNY provides one central location where users can narrow down the specific service they are looking for, along with a specific location, and find someone who meets their precise criteria in seconds.  
Every woman wants her wedding day to be perfect.  That includes having the perfect hair and make up.  Many StyloNY makeup artists and hair stylists offer specialized services, which include bridal and bridal party makeup.  Additionally, many offer trial-makeup services to ensure the bride-to-be is completely satisfied with her look before the big day.
StyloNY makes searching for a beauty professional so easy, those traveling to New York can even book their service while in route! Provided they have Internet access, visitors on their way to the city can have an appointment booked with a make up artist, hair stylists, or massage therapist by the time their plane lands.
911: Styling Emergency
StyloNY is never closed! Members have access to calendars of a variety of beauty professionals; therefore they are always able to see who is available during a specific time and day.  Once they have found someone who meets their criteria, they can book an appointment with them in real time, whether it’s 3pm or 3am!
Seeking a New Stylist, Makeup Artist, or Massage Therapist
It’s the dreaded feeling we all know too well.  Your favorite salon/spa closes or your hair stylist moves to a different city.  Now, with StyloNY you can easily find a new beauty professional without searching for referrals or calling numerous salons.
Beauty Professionals
Whether you are in the process of moving to a new salon/spa or consistently work independently, StyloNY provides an easy way for your clients to always be able to reach you and see when you are available.  Real-time booking makes it easy for clients to schedule appointments with you any time of the day, without the hassle of leaving voice messages and returning calls.  StyloNY also eliminates missed work opportunities due to missed phone calls, providing round-the-clock online access to each professional’s up-to-date calendar to book and confirm appointments.  StyloNY professionals are always accessible, giving them an edge over their competitors while providing a better service for their clients. 
The service also provides a great platform for professionals looking to increase their clientele.  By becoming a part of the StyloNY database, professionals expose their services and samples of their work to a number of potential clients looking for specific beauty services.  Additionally, a booking page on StyloNY can help strengthen each professional’s Internet presence, making them and the services they provide easier to find on the Web.
Each professional on StyloNY has a personal online calendar where they are able to view, book, cancel, and reschedule services.  All booked appointment notifications are sent via email directly to the professional and the client.  Professionals can view StyloNY as their own personal 24/7 secretary, always available to book their appointments at any time, on any day.  Booking pages are all personalized with service descriptions, logo, testimonials, and images and/or video of the stylists’ work.  StyloNY offers a complimentary 45-day trial with a subsequent $29.95 monthly fee.
Becoming a StyloNY Professional
Joining StyloNY is easy! Simply create a booking page, bio, upload your portfolio and fill in your appointments on the online calendar.  If you have a Web site, you can publish a “Book Me Now” button that links to your booking page.  Your clients will enjoy a free booking service and you will be able to keep track of all of your appointments in one convenient location, while gaining exposure and increasing your clientele.
New to StyloNY
In addition to beauty professionals, StyloNY is currently expanding to include spa services by New York City ’s top massage therapists.  Members will be able to book services ranging from reflexology to hot stone massages.  StyloNY is in the process of selecting the city’s best massage professionals to join its growing database.

Meet Tuval Mor, Co-Founder of
Born in Israel , Tuval Mor completed his B.A in Internet marketing. He then went on to work in the field of Internet solutions for three different corporations. Tuval then decided to come to the United States beginning in Miami and then to Los Angeles . From Los Angeles , Tuval traveled to the Big Apple and found home. In New York , Tuval met stylist Giulia Heiman.
It was this meeting that inspired Tuval to create a service for stylists and their clients to conveniently book appointments in desired locations/settings. This service is what we now know as StyloNY.
Meet Giulia Heiman , Co-Founder of
Giulia is not only the inspiration behind StyloNY, but also one half of the founders and one of the top stylists featured on the site. Giulia’s love for hairstyling began in her hometown of Seattle , Washington folding towels in a local salon.
Her talents carried her into some of the top salons Seattle has to offer, but Giulia would soon realize that she was ready to be one of the top stylists in the country and not just Seattle . It was this that prompted her move to New York and into such high-end salons as John Barret and Ted Gibson. Giulia then decided she was ready to work independently and felt that a more personable relationship with her clientele was what she really enjoyed. Upon meeting Tuval Mor, the two conceived the idea of StyloNY and as the saying goes, “the rest is history.”

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