Sunday, April 11, 2010

NaBloPoMo: 6 Degrees of Blogging

For Day 10 of NaBloPoMo I am participating in 6 Degrees of Blogging. I got the idea from Amy at Moving on from the Mama Drama who got the idea from Julia at Work, Wife, Mom... Life.

The idea is to find new blogs through the '6 degrees' rule and to feature the 6th blogger you find. So I will start with the most recent comment on my blog which is actually from Amy at Moving on from the Mama Drama. The first blog link I found on Amy's blog is Sandy at Baby Baby blog. Then I went to the last comment left at Baby Baby blog and found Carly at WADs Wives and Daughters. At WADs the first blog link I found was Lucy at My Guide to Surviving and Enjoying Life's Mundane. From there I went to the first blog link I found which was Stella at The Golden Adventures of... and last but not least I found Rubyellen's blog link for Cakies blog.

Rubyellen of Cakies blog is a mom in California and loves to make things for and with her 3 daughters. She loves her 'Benny' and her goal is to enjoy God in all she does. Her blog is very eclectic and there's tons of great photos!

Be sure to stop by all the great blogs mentioned above. Thanks again to Amy at Moving on from the Mama Drama for the inspiration!


Unknown said...

What a great idea - looks like a lot of fun links :)

Shayna said...

Fun idea! :-)

Found you through the BlogFrog follow conversation - and am glad I did!

You can find me at

Holly Renee said...

Good idea... following the links is fun. I've found some of my favorite blogs through random searches!

Stella said...

Thank you for including my blog!! And the bonus is that now I know about yours too! :-)

Widge said...

Cool idea! and thanks for including me :)
my head is spinning keeping track of how it's done but will check out the ones you mentioned!


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