Friday, April 16, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Aloha Friday #3

What do you think of the mom who sent her adopted son back to Russia?

If you haven't read a related article, check it out:

In a nutshell a Tennessee mom sent her adopted son back to Russia after she could no longer deal with his disturbed behavior. She pinned a note in his pocket saying she could no longer care for him, sent him on a plane back to Russia, had someone meet and escort him through the airport, and hired a driver to drive him back to the orphanage.
This has been a hot topic on a lot of the parenting blogs and I think its an outrage. The womans actions have set off an international incident and Russia is not letting Americans adopt their children until further notice. I understand that she could not deal with the child's behavior, but there are many other responsible, legal options. The woman should have contacted the agency first and foremost, the adoption could have been dissolved and another loving family could have adopted the child. The agency could have guided her in finding a solution. Instead she faces jail time.
I can't understand how someone would think this is a viable solution to the problem. Supposedly the woman was given legal advice that lead her to make these decisions. In my eyes an adoption is legal and that child is now yours. Its just as bad as sending your own child on a plane to nowhere. She should have gone through the legal channels to give the child up as a biological parent would when they can no longer deal with the child.
She had only adopted the boy in September 2009 so it had only been 8 months. And to my horror, she was in the process of adopting a new child from another agency when she sent the boy back to Russia.
I hate to bash people but it really is inexcusable. 

What are your thoughts on this hot button issue?


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Rach said...

OMG I was really shocked when i heard about this. If you adopt a child, you can't just send them back if they are a bit naughty...he#'s a poor orphaned child from Russia, you can't expect he wouldn't have mental issues or that he would be the best behaved child, these children need love and nurturing not to be abandoned again!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know where to begin. As a 40 year old adoptee (domestic) still dealing with my rejection and all the other issues that goes with adoption, I would like to smack this woman. My parents also adopted a boy and he was a very tough kid to love and parent. But they kept him as any birth parent would have. But I can say for me that I felt like I had to be perfect or they may send me back. Look what damage this woman has done. I'm sick.

Unknown said...

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Mary512 said...

Thanks for your insightful comments Rach & Paul and Kerry.


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