Sunday, April 11, 2010

BlogFrog turns Blogs into Communities

I wanted to tell you guys about BlogFrog, a great new site I found today. BlogFrog is where blogs become communities. There are plenty of established mom blog communities, and you can join in the fun by adding friends, joining communities, and replying to discussions. At the same time you get exposure for you blog, and can even start your own community if you so wish. 

By joining you will also show up in the cute widget above. I also have it on my sidebar. Its a great way for you to get some extra exposure. Join BlogFrog today, its tons of fun! Just click on the widget above.

1 comment:

AshleyOney said...

I love the BlogFrog too! I have a community over there (collegelife) come check me out!

I looked but couldn't find a community widget?? What's the name of your community so I can come join?


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