Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nuddle Mother's Day Raffle Begins Today

Nuddle Blanket is Giving away $450 in FREE Blankets

Next to a hug, there's noting cozier than NuddleTM, Nuddle KidsTM , and Nuddle BabyTM  (Nap + Cuddle = Nuddle).  Plush, comfortable, and cleverly functional, this lounging blanket will wrap you in pure plush happiness year round. The double-sided design features an exclusive foot pocket, outer hand pouch, and openings to keep hands free for reading, snacking or just napping!

This Mother's day, 20 lucky moms will win $25 each in Nuddle money to purchase a blanket of their choice!

Here's How:

From now Until Mother's Day Just log on to "Nuddle Blanket" on Facebook and become a "fan" and tell us your perfect way to get cozy - you will be automatically entered in the Mother's Day Raffle.
Remember, no matter if its 20 below or the middle of summer everyone loves to be cozy so we welcome you to visit and visit Nuddle on Facebook. Good Luck and Happy Mother's Day!

*Winners will be announced May 10th
-Courtesy of Nuddle Blanket

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