Friday, November 6, 2009

Skip the Jewlery Counter and Give the Gift of Glowing Skin: Cor Silver Soap

"If she already owns everything from the Tiffany's counter, it's time to think outside the box.

Cor silver soap is a wonder facial cleanser infused with real silver to cleanse and polish skin for a luminous complexion. One bar lasts 6-9 months, so you won't have to think of another gift for awhile!

If a luxe bar of soap isn’t enough, tempt her with a full line of silver facial goods – Cor just launched a Silver Anytime Moisturizer, Silver Wrinkle Serum and Silver Eye Cream."

I was very curious when I received 2 samples of Cor: The Silver Soap and an info packet. I figured the bar of soap might be silver, but actually it is clear! When I told my mother about the soap, at first she was confused and thought it was soap to clean your silver items! LOL! Actually Cor is a Silver based soap for the face. It is all natural too! Ingredients include palm oil glycerin, aloe, avocado, Vitamins A, C, D &E, CSC compound (derived from chitosan, sericin, & collagen), pomegranate extract, and patented nano-silver with silica.
It is a small soap, but lasts 6-9 months when stored properly. It comes with a very informative info packet inside the soap packet. It tells you about the line of products and how to use them.
Lately I have been having a really bad case of adult acne. This is actually worse than the acne I had as a teenager. I think it is stress related. So what a perfect time to review Cor soap!
I used the directions for troubled skin this morning when I tried Cor soap for the first time. There are directions for normal skin, troubled skin, and break outs.
I rubbed the soap between my hands a few times and then lathered up. I applied the lather to my moistened face and rubbed my fingertips in a circular motion for about a minute. Then I left the lather on my face to work its magic for about 5 minutes as I read the info packet to pass the time. I then rinsed my face and patted it dry. I noticed that the Cor soap had made my face tingle a little bit as I left it on there but it felt nice!
Afterward it felt clean. Very clean, a clean I had not felt in a while. The info packet says that when you first star using Cor it can make your face feel a bit tight afterward but I have not experienced that today. My face feels ultimately clean and I have high hopes that Cor will help with my acne.

The Bottom Line: Cor obviously gets the seal of approval! I really enjoyed testing this product and am happy that it will be a part of my skin care regimen for a while to come. I would surely recommend this product for all silver loving ladies in your life this upcoming holiday season!

* I received 2 samples of Cor Silver Soap to facilitate my honest review. No other form of compensation was or will be given.

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