Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Guide: Successories Review

Need a little extra job security? Maybe the well of cheesy office-related gifts for your boss and co-workers has run dry, and you'd like to do something a bit more impressive this year. Give your boss the most memorable gift that makes them think of you and see your name every day for years to come.

Remember the brand/store of motivational posters Successories? Well, they’re back with a whole new branch. It’s called DYI (Design Your Inspiration) and it’s a create-it-yourself branch. You pick a poster (wall or desk size) from dozens of their award-winning photographs and you can customize it with your own quote, personal message, company motto, or joke! It’s a perfect workplace gift- to stay ‘top of mind’ with your boss. It’s something your boss can hang, look at, and think of you every day! Check out the line here:

This holiday, people will be looking for gifts that have substance, sentiment and lasting value -- in this economy, gifts worth spending their money on!

"Design Your Inspiration" is a new concept being offered by (the 25 year veteran in inspirational art). It gives complete creative control to the customer. In just a few easy steps, anyone can create unique and inspiring personalized framed art.

Choose from dozens of cute, colorful and thought-provoking imagery to create a customized present for parents, kids, grandparents, co-workers, employees, friends - anyone!

It's so simple -- just select your image, personalize it with a favorite quote or note of endearment, and finish by selecting a quality frame and mat board. You can have the artwork say anything you want it to! No more being limited by pre-determined sayings/quotes.

They offer a broad range of images and all designs are exclusive to Successories™ – many by award-winning photographers.  The finished product is truly outstanding!

Designs can be created and ordered at:
Framed wall size art is $119.00 and framed desk size art is just $45.00. All gifts will ship within three days of ordering and next day delivery is available anywhere in the U.S. Plenty of time for Christmas!

You can see beautiful photos here:

I jumped at the chance to review Successories... I knew I'd love having an art piece like this in my home! The first thing that came to mind when I learned of Successories was... what a unique idea! You can create your own personal work of art for any occasion. Just pick the photo, quote or write your own personal message, pick a frame and your personal design is on its way within 3 days. 
A gift like this would truly impress your boss at an affordable price! He can think of you everyday when he (or she) looks at his personally created work of art. 
I picked a holiday themed photo and quote and am loving Successories! This piece will be enjoyed for many holidays to come. 

The Bottom Line: Skip the cheesy office gifts and get your boss or co-workers a gift with personality and meaning. Check out Successories today!

* I received 1 Successories framed desk size art to facilitate my honest and candid review. No other form of compensation was or will be given All views are my own!


Unknown said...

I totally agree! It's hard to think of a gift that's more thoughtful, classy, and lasting. I've used Design Your Inspiration framed art many times, and I will continue as long as the quality of the product remains A-1.
Thanks! Anne.

Mary512 said...

yes the product I received is stunning!


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