Saturday, November 21, 2009

Perfect Gift for the Holidays: WikiReader puts Wikipedia in Your Pocket & Review

New Fun Tech Gift for the Holidays

"Introducing the WikiReader, a small, light touch-screen device that holds all 3 million Wikipedia articles and it's only $99 on Amazon. 

It's like an online encyclopedia at your fingertips but you don't need a computer or expensive smart phone because this WikiReader doesn't need to connect to anything: All 3 million articles are stored inside on an easily-updatable chip (free downloads or get two fully loaded microSD cards a year for $29). 
About the size of a man's wallet, the WikiReader has three buttons, Search, History and Random and uses an on-screen keyboard so you can type in your search and satisfy your curiosity cravings.  Or just hit the Random button and get lost in a wealth of articles that delight, intrigue and educate. 

The WikiReader is great for people on the go: moms, dads, students, kids, travelers, businesspeople.  Use it for research, look up information on the go, even play your own kind of trivia games.   Answer just about any questions with WikiReader (specially those tough ones posed by your kids)!  It even has parental controls so kids can search information without worry.

WikiReader is a must-have for the holidays.  Please visit

The WikiReader is designed for easy access to information anytime, anywhere.  While you can get Wikipedia on the computer or on your smart phone, a lot of people don’t have smart phones (only 11 percent of mobile phones sold in the US are smart phones).  Also, what happens when you’re away from a computer and phone signal like when you’re hiking and want to know more about a certain Indian tribe or the history of a national park and there’s no connectivity?  See this video: What happens when your kids ask a tough question and you want to provide a quick answer? Check it out on the WikiReader!
Imagine the fun you can have around Thanksgiving.  The WikiReader instantly becomes the center of attraction and everyone wants to explore their own favorite topics.  Try it out!
What if your kids want to play around with the WikiReader and explore information for themselves?  The WikiReader has parental controls so you can set a password and let them explore freely because the parental controls stop those articles with more adult content from being displayed until you enter the password.
Here is a page of info including a news release about the Wiki Reader:"

-Courtesy of WikiReader
I jumped at the chance to review a WikiReader and was excited to see it arrive so fast! This is up there with one of the coolest gadgets I've had the pleasure of reviewing.
The WikiReader is square, about 3x3 (inches) and slim, about a 1/2 inch thick. The one I received is white. It was really easy to pop the batteries in and turn it on. It has a small power button on top. Automatically when you turn it on you are at the search screen and can search up to 3 million Wikipedia articles. It has a history button, showing you which topics have been searched. It has a random button, which taken you randomly to one of the Wikipedia articles. It also has a search button to take you back to the search screen. Simple yet so useful. I just wish it had a backlight, but you can't have it all! ;)
Thanks so much to WikiReader for letting me review this awesome product!

The Bottom Line: Like the Reading Pen I reviewed a few weeks ago, this is another necessary product for students. If I had the WikiReader when I was a student, it would have saved me so much trouble from having to thumb through encyclopedias or look up articles online. And this product is a great deal at $99! You will surely get your money's worth!

*I received 1 WikiReader to facilitate my honest review. No other form of compensation was or will be given All thoughts are my own!

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