Friday, November 20, 2009

Consumers reveal their holiday shopping, eating, and gifting plans

"To add to the holiday fun this year, we at Ask Deals conducted a Holiday Survey, and I must warn you the results were fairly shocking! For example, I have always thought of America as a country rooted in traditions, but our survey seems to point elsewhere! Over half the people surveyed, (54%), said they would give up their holiday dinner traditions, (Christmas, Thanksgiving, ect.), to eat out if they could find a good enough deal! I guess money does make the world go round!

Or how about this one…What’s the best strategy for making door-buster sales? 10% of the men who answered said they would, “get behind someone large and push”! And although women tended to be a little more civil, they were no less motivated to succeed. 47% of women said they would be “up early before the sun rises” to hit those early-bird sales racks!

The Holiday Hurdles…

The holidays are quickly approaching and before you know it there will be a pile of dishes in the sink, a stack of receipts in your wallet, and gift wrap scattered across your living room floor. So before its too late let’s rewind and make sure you’ve got all your bases covered to make this holiday season one for the ages! If you are like most people, the first holiday hurdle presents itself in the form of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. According to a recent survey conducted by Ask Deals, 54% said they would side-step the Thanksgiving hurdle all together by going out on the town for their meal, (that is of course assuming they could find a great dinner deal worthy of such a drastic change in Thanksgiving plans). If you are like most people though, a holiday dinner away from the home is just simply not an option, and if that’s the case then good luck, and just know that if you can make it over this hurdle then the rest is a piece of cake. Ok, maybe not a piece of cake, but definitely manageable…if you plan ahead.

Next, and happening before you even have the chance to fully digest your Thanksgiving feast is Black Friday! For many Black Friday is the official kick-start to finding the best deals on your holiday gifts. Assuming you’re not one of the 40% polled in the Ask Deals survey that said their biggest fear is, “forgetting to get a family member a gift”, then you’re probably fearing either the 10% of men polled that use the strategy of, “getting behind someone large and pushing”, as a viable option to make it into a door-buster sale, or the sound of your alarm clock at 5 a.m. as you attempt to beat the 47% of surveyed women whose best strategy for making a door-buster is, “getting up early before the sun rises”.

Of course you always have the option to side-step the shopping hurdle all together and join the 40% of consumers, who feel the perfect gift can be summed up into two words – “gift card”. Whichever you choose, you will still likely have to face the difficult decision of whom to exclude from the holiday shopping list this year. Please do not be like the female consumers who, according to the survey, are 14% more likely to remove a family member from their shopping list than a friend! How cold is that?

Now that you are well informed of the challenges that await you this holiday season, just remember that the most important thing to check off your to-do-list is spending quality time with the ones you love! The rest is really just minor details. Happy holidays and good luck!

P.S. Thought you might enjoy some humorous responses we got from the men taking the survey…

1. 14% of men said they would rather babysit five toddlers than go holiday shopping.
2. Men are three times more likely than women to re-gift their hated gifts to the person that gave it to them originally.
3. 20% of males under 40 said they would prefer a root canal to filling out a rebate form. (When dealing with coupons and rebates for gift shopping)
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