Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Skin Free Skin Care Review

"There are many “natural” skincare products on the market, but few are rated by the Environmental Working Group with “0” toxicity. Skin Free Skincare has that honor. Created by a practicing pharmacist in response to patient’s needs, this line is safe, effective, and affordable.

Each product is formulated using natural oils and butters with specific moieties that actually do what we promise they will do. Sometimes they even do more. Effective for those with extremely sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, and allergies, these products are also great for the eco-conscious consumer who is looking for the perfect skincare products.

We keep your skin free from petroleum, fragrances, colorants, and harmful chemicals by using all natural vegetable ingredients. We never test on animals and are conscious of only using replenishable ingredients.

We hope to truly offer “A New Direction In Skincare”.

In addition to our Skin Free line, found at
www.skinfree.net, we also offer our original Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio line. The Blue Ridge Gypsy products offer the same safe formulations with the addition of organic essential oils. They are found at www.blueridgegypsy.com.

Both websites share a shopping cart for the convenience of our customers."

-Courtesy of Skin Free/Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio Skincare

I was very pleased when I tried the Skin Free skincare products I received in my package this week! Included was Skin Free's Niaouli Scrub for Blemish Prone Skin, the Extra Moisturizing Soap, and the Whipped Tamanu Body Butter. I first tried the Body Butter, and it was divine! It has a light tropical nutty scent and is very light and airy in texture. I absolutely loved it! I used it on my legs and arms and they felt silky smooth like the Body Butter had been thoroughly absorbed in my skin. 
I then tried the Extra Moisturizing Soap. It created a thick lather and made my hands feel very clean. I also loved the fact that it doesnt have any icky dyes or fragrances. 
Last I tried the Niaouli Scrub for Blemish Prone Skin. And we all know by now how I have blemish prone skin! I loved that the scrub had tiny particles in it to exfoliate my skin. It felt very clean and not tight at all after I rinsed it. And I am loving the fact that the Niaouli Oil helps prevent bacterial growth on my facial skin! (Bacteria contributes to breakouts!)

The Bottom Line: I was extremely impressed with these products and will be working them into my daily routine asap! Pick them up for your eco product loving friend or family member this holiday season!

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