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Removeez Review

New natural skin cleanser effectively and gently removes the things kids get on their skin
The holidays can get sticky – Christmas tree sap, craft projects, packaging tape, candy canes, and parents favorite gifts of temporary tattoos and stickers. Instead of harsh scrubs and industrial chemicals the next time your family gets into something grimy, try REMOVEEZ®, a new natural liquid skin cleanser made from a blend of citrus oils with homeopathic elements of plant and flower extracts that soothe and moisturizes the skin as it cleanses.
REMOVEEZ is a perfect solution to quickly and gently deal with the hard-to-remove holiday stuff that gets on your family’s skin. Whether removing sticky and inky compounds like permanent inks, paints and Band-Aids®, or outdoor grime such as sap, tar, grease and much more, REMOVEEZ is the go-to family friendly solution designed with the human skin in mind.
REMOVEEZ’ citrus oils are natural cleaning elements that cut through the stickiness and dirt that kids bring home.  Aloe, calendula, and bee pollen naturally soothe the skin and keep it soft. REMOVEEZ is applied directly to the area to be cleaned, and gently massaged into the skin until the unwanted substance has dissolved. Excess product may be wiped away with a tissue or cotton pad, or left on to moisturize the skin.
Parents Jeremy Alcock and Jeanne Le Blanc developed REMOVEEZ to deal with the everyday necessity of keeping their childrens’ skin clean, safely and gently. “During the holidays it’s surprising all the stuff we get in to, and we don’t want to keep our kids from being kids,” said Le Blanc. “We created REMOVEEZ to be a more gentle, effective and natural way to clean up our kids so they can look nice for the annual holiday card.”
The couple spent three years meticulously researching ingredients, creating the formula, and testing it with dermatologists, to develop REMOVEEZ proprietary blend of homeopathic extracts including aloe, calendula, bee pollen and Hawaiian white ginger, as well as citrus oils.
“REMOVEEZ is a great stocking stuffer for the parent on the go,” said Alcock. “The skin is the body’s largest organ.  Why would you put harmful chemicals on the skin of those you love?”
REMOVEEZ is dermatologist tested and free of parabens, phthalates and PPGs and is available in Lavender / Orange, Eucalyptus / Orange, Coconut / Orange, and Clove / Orange scents. It is currently offered in 1.75-ounce bottles online through and at select boutiques including Studio Beauty Mix at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Calif. For more information and availability visit
REMOVEEZ gets stuff of your skin, naturally. A soothing blend of citrus oils with homeopathic elements of plants and flowers, Removeez was created to quickly and gently remove all the sticky and inky things that are beyond soap and water. Removeez leaves the skin soft, moisturized and smelling of lavender, eucalyptus, coconut, or clove scents. Why scrub when you can easily rub the problem away? Follow Removeez online on Facebook, Twitter @removeez, and"

-Courtesy of Removeez

 I was curious to try out my Removeez Demo pack and wanted to see how much power this stuff packed! I got my demo pack and it looked like I was going to have a lot of fun. It had a sharpie, a little jar of tar, some band-aids, and a temporary tattoo to apply to my skin and then try to remove with the Removeez! 
If you haven't heard of Removeez, I'll fill you in! Removeez is a blend of natural essential oils that gets the inky, sticky things off your skin that soap and water just can't.  
I applied the sharpie pen first, then waited a few minutes for the ink to dry. I then dabbed a few drops of Removeez on the ink on my skin, and rubbed it in. When I rubbed the ink out with the Removeez, it created a big blue spot where I was rubbing, and I thought it was going to get worse. But then I wiped it off with a paper towel and to my surprise, it all came off! This will come in handy the next time my daughter gets her hands on the sharpie pen! 
Then I tried the temporary tattoo. I applied the tattoo and then again dabbed a few drops of the Removeez oil on it. The tattoo instantly started to break up and dissolve and with a little help from the paper towel again, my skin was clear and smelled great! 
Next it was on to the Band-aid test. For fun I applied the band-aid on my arm where I had a little more hair. I made sure it was stuck on tight and then waited a moment before I applied a drop to both sides of the adhesive on the band-aid. I probably could have used more Removeez on this test (I just used 1 drop per side). But even still, it came up without hurting at all. It stuck to my skin a little bit still, but the Removeez made it not hurt. Pretty impressive!
Last was the dreaded tar test. I honestly wasn't sure the Removeez was going to work on the tar, but I didn't give up all hope. I dabbed a smudge of the stinky tar on my hand and dabbed a few drops of Removeez on top of it. I rubbed it in, and like the sharpie test, it created a big brown spot where I was rubbing my skin. I thought not all of the tar would come up, but sure enough when I rubbed it with the paper towel, virtually all of the tar came off my skin. I just had to wash my had to remove any trace elements of the toxic tar. 

The Bottom Line: I am extremely impressed with this product and will definitely be keeping it where I can easily get to it when I need it. In a house with kids you will surely come across situations where soap and water just isn't enough and Removeez will be there to save the day! Pick up some Removeez as soon as you can! No joke!

*Note* One of the bottles of Removeez I received is a Lavender & Orange essential oil blend. Keep in mind that Lavender can disrupt children's healthy hormone levels so you may want to choose one of the other blends, such as Coconut & Orange if you have kids in the home. Especially steer away from Lavender oil (and tea tree oil) f you have a child with autism or related disorder. Thanks!

 * I received 1 Removeez Demo Pack to facilitate my honest review. No other form of compensation was or will be given. All views are my own!

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