Saturday, November 7, 2009

New product: Wizcom launches new ReadingPen TS

"Digital pen manufacturer Wizcom Technologies today announced the release of ReadingPen TS, a Personal Reading Assistant for adults and children who suffer from reading, processing and comprehension disabilities. 

Wizcom Launches New ReadingPen TS,
Available Through J&R Online at Special Price - Save $75!

Powerful Reading Comprehension Tool Follows On the Heels of
Popular InfoScan TS Text Scanning Pen
WHAT DOES IT DO?  ReadingPen TS empowers students with learning disabilities to improve their reading skills and succeed in the classroom without having to rely on extra attention from increasingly overtaxed teachers. 

HOW DOES IT WORK?  Simply scroll ReadingPen TS's scanning eye over unfamiliar words and phrases that you encounter in books, magazines and school assignments.  You can then access word-by-word definitions, synonyms and translations, and even hear the words spoken and spelled aloud!

WHY SHOULD YOU BE INTERESTED? Wizcom can put you in touch with students, teachers, and even principals who regularly use the product, and can comment on its effectiveness.

Wizcom also offers another excellent education gadget in InfoScan TS, a popular digital pen that allows users to scan up to 20,000 lines (500 pages) of text from printed documents, and then transfer them to PC, PDA or Smartphone in fully editable form.  Finally, students and researchers are free to concentrate on the content of their work rather than spending countless hours inputting page after page of written notes!"

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my ReadingPen TS package! It had alot of cool accessories that came along with it including: carrying case, scanning guide, USB cord, headphones, CD-ROM and instruction manual. It only took a few moments to get powered on, all I did was pop in the batteries and power it on. It had an easy to understand menu with games, settings and more! You can also calibrate it to use the touch screen stylus pen instead of having to use the buttons on the reading pen. I tried my hand at scanning some text and I wasn't so good at first! If you are not scanning in a straight line and with steady hand, it will not scan the text correctly. But after a few tries, I got it right. I love my new Reading Pen gadget!

Bottom Line: This is a must for students, especially high school and college students. You can scan any text you need out of books or text books. Seal of approval!
ReadingPen TS

*I received 1 ReadingPen TS to facilitate my honest review. No other form of compensation was or will be given.


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