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Baby Magic Review

The Baby Boom: Baby Care Products Becoming Big with Adults
The economy may be on the road to recovery, but there is no shortage of people still looking for a great deal.  In fact, many consumers are seeking multi-purpose products, leading many to the baby aisle at their local retailers.
According to a recent Harris Poll, 40 percent of adults – both men and women – confirm that they use baby products on themselves as alternatives to products that may be more expensive and only have one purpose.  Case in point, the data shows that 37 percent of those polled use baby powder to absorb sweat and odor in their shoes while 23 percent use baby powder on their bodies as a substitute for deodorant.  And the list goes on from there.
In a statement to Women’s Wear Daily, consumer trends expert and founder of The Well Mom Inc., Heather Cabot stated, “Given the economic downturn over the last two years, consumers continued to hunt for new ways to stretch their budgets and get more bang for their buck.  They are looking for more creative ways to use things they already have in the house.”
Baby Magic, one of the oldest and most respected baby care brands on the market today, has noticed this rising trend for some time now, as a large portion of their consumer base, including adults without children, are turning to their hypoallergenic, multi-use products as an alternative.  The brand sees the largest cross over with the following products:

Creamy Baby Oil
Alternative Adult Use: Makeup Remover, After Sun Face & Body Moisturizer Enriched with vitamins and aloe, this unique blend of lotion and oil helps to soften and seal in the natural moisture that can be lacking in adult skin after prolonged exposure to the sun. Gentle emollients help remove makeup and offeri all day moisture.  The hypoallergenic formula is mild enough for sensitive skin, making it perfect. 
Retail Price: $5.19

Gentle Hair & Body Wash
Alternative Adult Use: Makeup Remover, Mild Facial Cleanser This gentle hair and body wash, which doubles as a mild facial cleanser, replenishes natural moisture as it removes excess dirt and oil. The easy-rinsing, tear-free formula is also mild enough to use as a makeup remover, including on the eye area.
Retail Price: $5.49

Baby Powder
Alternative Adult Use: Foot and Body Deodorizer Specially formulated to absorb moisture and wetness, this powder helps reduce irritation and prevent chaffing as it reduces odor. The hypoallergenic formula is mild enough for daily use and the Fresh Baby Scent leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling wonderful all day.
Retail Price: $3.20
Baby Magic products are available at Babies "R" Us, Wal-Mart, Target, CVS and more.

About Baby Magic
Baby Magic is the mom-approved and dermatologist-tested brand known for gently cleansing and protecting babies for over 100 years.  Providing a wealth of information and support on everything parents need to keep their baby’s skin soft, clean and healthy, Baby Magic offers a wide range of products for all your baby care needs.  For more information, please visit

-Courtesy of Baby Magic

I didn't want to pass up the chance to try out Baby Magic products, especially since babies, kids, and adults can use them!
First I tried the Creamy Baby Oil on my daughter after she took a bath. I stopped using the lotion we were using on her because it had lavender oil in it, which can disrupt children's healthy hormone levels. So I love the fact that the Baby Magic Creamy Baby Oil doesn't have lavender oil in it. The product is a lotiony baby oil and great on the skin after a bath for your baby, kid, or you!
Then I tried the Baby Magic Hair and Body Wash on my face! The wash can be used as a mild facial cleanser. It cleaned my face thoroughly and left it smelling great! It can also be used as a shampoo and body wash.
Finally I used the baby powder on myself after a shower, its a great deodorant and dries up any left over moisture after toweling off. Also good on the feet to keep them dry and soft. 

The Bottom Line: These products are a great value because the whole family can use them. The products have multiple uses and work effectively. Thanks Baby Magic!

* I received 3 Baby Magic products to facilitate my candid and honest review. No other form of compensation was or will be given. All views are my own!

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Kaitlyn Devin and Grace said...

I love baby magic!!! It is so much less expensive than johnson and johnson, etc. I love to use the body wash, but the shampoo is good for me


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