Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ways to Make Your "Get Green in 2010" New Year's Resolution Last All Year

"For those looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious, installing Panorama window film in the home can make a lasting difference in energy savings," says  Kathryn Giblin, Vice President of Global Marketing and Technical Services for Bekaert Specialty Films. "Panorama window film helps your home consume less energy by rejecting up to 79%  of solar energy, keeping interior temperatures lower and rooms more controllable  – lowering the need for air conditioning.  Window film also keeps your lighting electricity use low as it lets through the natural light while rejecting heat and cutting glare, unlike other window treatments that block out natural light while reducing heat forcing you to turn on artificial lights on a sunny day.”

Many of us will welcome December 31st with a fresh list of New Year’s resolutions. We may vow to get in shape and to save more money… and as the weeks of January wear on, our resolves often wears out. This year, let’s strive to make a commitment that benefits everyone and lives beyond that last glass of champagne; a commitment to “get green” in 2010! Pledging to do our share to help the planet is a resolution worth working to keep. Getting the whole family involved makes it easier and fun. Recycling, composting and remembering to turn off the lights are all things kids can do. To save energy all year long, install Panorama window film on your home. Window film helps keep the home at a stable temperature, thus saving energy by reducing the need for air conditioning. Window film can also reduce electricity use by filtering natural light, cutting the glare and heat that makes you draw the shades and turn on artificial lights on a sunny day. With lots of ways to “get green” in 2010, forsaken New Year’s resolutions will be a thing of the past.

-Courtesy of Panorama

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