Monday, December 21, 2009

FREE and creative recipes and decorating ideas on Scribd

Are you looking to gather holiday recipes online rather than buy cookbooks? Maybe you want to find creative ways to decorate and wrap presents without breaking their increasingly penniless piggybanks.

The 2009 recession has been hard on many families' pocketbooks. U.S. unemployment has hovered around 10% for the past few months, bringing the total unemployment tally to 15.4 million total. Luckily Scribd offers FREE and creative recipes and decorating ideas just in time for the holidays!

In 2009, the Scribd community published more than five million free and for-purchase works, ranging from research papers to storyboards. (By comparison, the entire U.S. publishing industry published 275,232 books in 2008, down 3% from the previous year -- source: Bowker.) As a result, Scribd houses an abundance of difficult-to-find Christmas-themed recipes, coloring books, Harvard American holiday anthropological analysis, instructions for creating homemade candy wreaths, wrapping boxes, knitted scarves, and much more.

-Courtesy of Scribd.

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