Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Guide: BOB Stroller Accessories Warm Up Winter Wonderland Strolls

BOB® Stroller Accessories Help Warm Up Winter Wonderland Strolls with Little Ones

The summer sunshine has subsided, but family outings can still be frequent, despite the onset of more unpredictable weather. BOB – manufacturer of high-quality strollers and stroller accessories – helps make cold-climate adventures with little ones more convenient.

Thanks to rugged tires and state-of-the-art suspension systems, BOB strollers are hardly hindered by wind, rain or snow (evidenced by the video seen here), but holiday shopping, winter walks and other errands can be made whine-free, thanks to a few key BOB accessories well-suited for the chilly time of year:

BOB Weather Shield – Available for BOB’s swivel and fixed-front wheel models, the water-resistant nylon shield helps keep little passengers protected from wind, rain and other inclement weather, yet lets them see the world through a clear waterproof window. Vents allow fresh air to come in, but keep moisture out. Offered for single and Duallie (two-seater) models. MSRP: $50-$65

BOB Warm Fuzzy – A cozy fleece panel that adds warmth to the stroller seat, this plush, padded accessory lets little ones kick back in comfort, and Velcro straps make insert and removal a snap. MSRP: $44

BOB Handlebar Console – This handy, durable console, complete with cup holders and plenty of room for keys, snacks and other store-ables, keeps warm gloves or a cell phone just fingertips away, ensuring parents aren’t left out in the cold. Available for single and Duallie strollers. MSRP: $19-$21

BOB Stroller Diaper Bag – Nothing’s worse than being stranded in unfavorable weather with a cranky baby. Decrease your chances by carrying along the Diaper Bag that can attach easily to any BOB stroller and features plenty of storage space for dry clothes, diapers and favorite toys. An insulated bottle pocket allows for impromptu feedings, and an odor-resistant changing pad lets parents perform diaper duty on the fly. Available in nine vibrant, always-in-season colors. MSRP: $65

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