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Holiday Guide: E is for Ethics Book Review

“A gem of a book.” – Library Journal

“E is for Ethics: How to Talk to Kids About Morals, Values, and What Matters Most”
by Ian Corlett
is on sale this week!

It is an entertaining family discussion book for parents to read to and with their kids.

With stories constantly hitting the news about out-of-control kids and teenage violence (Chris Brown, for one) –
the subject of how to teach ethics to kids, especially when they’re young, is particularly timely and relevant to modern parenting.

“E is for Ethics” helps parents take the time to engage their kids on these issues.
Geared towards kids 3-10 years old, as they are testing behavioral boundaries and learning how to be good citizens,
“E is for Ethics” features 26 simple stories about Elliott and Lucy, two precocious kids who confront ethical dilemmas.
The stories are followed by discussion questions for parents to work through with their kids.

About the Book:

Parents are thirsting for ways to imbue strength of character and compassion in their children, and are searching for help and ideas on how to give their kids a head start on the journey to becoming well-adjusted, responsible, and perceptive adults.  An entertaining family discussion book for parents to read with their kids, “E is for Ethics” serves as an essential tool for parents to teach their kids how to be strong, moral adults. 

Beautifully packaged, the book has 26 simple, clear stories that feature Elliott and his little sister Lucy.  Each story centers on a particular positive ethic, such as honesty, kindness, charity, and integrity.  Each story culminates in a series of questions that will foster discussion between parents and their children about the ethic and its implications.   It’s a lively and charming book that is designed to be read and discussed as a family.


Corlett, a veteran in children’s television programming, hits a home run with this small (but pricey) gem of a book. Using 26 one-page stories, accompanied by darling full-color illustrations, this read-as-a-family book presents common and realistic situations where children are faced with an ethical dilemma, such as fairness, forgiveness, tact, etc. Instead of resolving the circumstance, however, the stories end with discussion questions, e.g., "How could Lucy show forgiveness?" or "What might have happened if Lucy hadn’t forgiven Elliot?" It is incredibly difficult to write these books without pontificating, and any kid’s spidey sense will tingle at the mere hint of pedantry, but Corlett avoids that trap with ease. Enthusiastically recommended.” – Library Journal, starred review

“When their two children were young, kids’ TV writer and animator Corlett and his wife initiated a weekly family after-dinner discussion to explain and foster ethical and moral values. Admitting that he is a plain old dad and not a Ph.D. in ethics, Corlett nonetheless felt obliged to address the void in moral education left as school and even Sunday school curricula stopped routinely teaching ethics for “it seems no one wants to touch the subject of right and wrong anymore.” He developed two charming and lovably humorous characters—Elliot and his sister, Lucy—and 26 story situations that take place in families, at school, in team sports and in the community, each of which demonstrates a different ethic ranging from honesty and understanding through forgiveness, courage and perseverance to loyalty, gratitude, fairness and acceptance…this charming, interactive little book is appropriate for kids preschool to tween age and their parents.Publishers Weekly

About the Author:

Ian James Corlett
has had years of experience in communicating with young children—not only is he a father of two, he’s also an award-winning animated film maker in his native Canada, writing for such shows as Rolie Polie Olie, Rainbow Fish, and The Adventures of Paddington Bear.  E IS FOR ETHICS is his first book.  R. A. Holt is a Canadian-based illustrator, designer, and artist.

-Courtesy of E is for Ethics


I accepted an invitation to review E is for Ethics: How to Talk to Kids About Morals, Values, and What Matters Most: 26 Read-Aloud Stories because I thought my daughter could get some use out of this over the years. In a culture where many families no longer attend religious services, and schools no longer teach ethics, where are kids to learn these important lessons?
Ian James Corlett, childrens TV creator, writer, and voice actor had the perfect idea. When his children were young every Monday night they would have 'Family Fun Time'. This was a time when they would discuss ideas, parables, issues of the week, and Dad (Corlett) would tell stories about 2 children. These weren't ordinary stores about 2 curious kids, each story had a fun moral theme to it. And those stories inspired E is for Ethics!
This hardback book is beautifully illustrated and bound, sure to teach your kids for years to come. I love the ideas this book inspires and in the world we live in today, what parent wouldn't want to pick up a copy of E is for Ethics?
The Bottom Line: Though a bit pricey ($22 USD), your sure to get your money's worth out of this sturdy hardback book. For children aged 3-10, you could get 7 years of inspiration. Pretty good deal in my book! I certainly recommend E is for Ethics!

* I received one copy of E is for Ethics to facilitate my candid and honest review. No other form of compensation was or will be given. All views are my own!

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