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Holiday Guide: Decleor Aromatherapy Cosmetics

For moms, the holiday season comes with countless trips to Toys R Us, baking cookies and other sweet treats, untangling last years Christmas lights and undoubtedly a lot of stress for moms! Moms will experience a ton of anxiety from now until we ring in the New Year…the best tip? Set aside some time between the holiday cards and gift wrapping for some beauty and relaxation…

Aromatherapy and essential oils can help busy moms relax, improve moods and relieve some holiday pressure. Whether you have a house full of little ones running around or you’re expecting one on the way, unique essential oils like neroli may be used during pregnancy to help distress and can even work to prevent stretch marks!

DECLEOR, a leader in aromatherapy cosmetics, harnessed neroli in their Essential Neroli Serum, a daytime treatment serum which decongests and softens stressed skin. With each use, the serum provides immediate comfort while bringing out the skin’s natural color and radiance! At night, hard working mothers can rejuvenate; purify and soothe the skin with DECLEOR Aroma Night Neroli Essential Night Balm. These essential neroli oil products, which are classics to the DECLEOR collection, are available at decleordirect.com.

Treat and Protect with Nature’s Energy

DECLÉOR takes pride in its rich natural Aromatherapy heritage and unique distillation process that produces 100% pure and natural, preservative-free AromessenceTM.  As the pioneers in the field, the DECLÉOR research scientists have combined several essential oils to obtain a myriad of beneficial all-natural treatments.  In their pure form, essential oils posses an effectiveness of exceptional force and when combined, they have the astonishing power to stimulate the effectiveness of each other’s benefits.   This is why each DECLÉOR AromessenceTM is formulated with a specific blend of at least eight essential oils at concentrations high enough to yield effective results for any skin concern

The special two-step process, also known as the “Aroma Duo Concept,” is the cornerstone of DECLÉOR and incorporated throughout the entire product range.  The result offers immediate and long-term benefits.  The Aroma Duo is a combination of two products—an AromessenceTM Serum, and a Plant-Based product.  The AromessenceTM, a 100% pure, 100% natural, preservative-free essential oil serum for face or body, is applied first to prep the skin for the following treatment products.  The Plant-Based product, a cream, gel, mousse or lotion, is applied over the AromessenceTM to benefit the skin with natural active ingredients.  The essential oils in the AromessenceTM act as a vector to bring the active ingredients in the Plant-Based product deep within the epidermis, thereby encouraging greater efficacy.  When used in conjunction, the efficacy of the Plant-Based product is boosted by the application of the essential oil blend in the AromessenceTM

The silky, non-greasy texture of the AromessenceTM Serums is specifically formulated for day time application and offers Aromatherapy benefits with its premium, natural essence uplifting fragrance.  An AromessenceTM applied before other skincare products acts as a “beauty booster” to treat, purify and balance the skin.  For nighttime, an AromessenceTM Balm applied before bed becomes “beauty pajamas” for the skin and offers comforting properties to help skin regeneration.  As you sleep, time released formulas packed with essential oils and waxes work to repair and nourish skin, while maximizing relaxing Aromatherapy benefits.


NEW AROMESSENCETM EXCELLENCE and NIGHT BALM – anti-aging, regenerating properties to restore radiance and smooth and firm the skin (total anti-aging; acts on visible signs of aging for women 50 +)

AROMESSENCETM NEROLI and ESSENTIAL NIGHT BALM energize normal skin and comfort and treat skin that is exposed to daily stress


AROMESSENCETM IRIS and NIGHT BALM rejuvenate mature skin, by toning and energizing the skin, redefining the facial contours and softening the signs of aging (women in their 40s)

AROMESSENCETM ROSE D’ORIENT and NIGHT BALM – treat sensitive and reactive skin by offering immediate soothing benefits

AROMESSENCETM AROMA WHITE – brightens the complexion by enhancing radiance and luminosity

AROMESSENCETM YLANG YLANG and NIGHT BALM – purify combination and oily skin to reduce excess sebum and impurities

The DECLÉOR AROMESSENCETM Serums are $64 - $91 per 0.5 oz bottle and the BALMS are $67.00 - $89 per 1.00 oz jar.  The collection is available at Nordstrom.com, Decleordirect.com and spas and salons nationwide. The NEW AROMESSENCETM EXCELLENCE and NIGHT BALM will be available beginning November 2008.  Decléor is committed to harnessing the best of the plant world for the health of your skin. For more information, please visit www.decleor.com.  



Nightly Treatment for all Skin Types

 Description: A nightly treatment balm for all skin types.

 -Softens, smoothes and soothes

• Brightens and rejuvenates
• Purifies and balances
• Deeply nourishes
• Supplies lasting moisture

Recommended Use: At night, warm a small amount of balm in the palms of your hands and apply to your cleansed face and neck, by massaging gently.

Active Ingredients: Essential Oils and Resinoïdes of Basil, Chamomile, Neroli and Tonka Bean, Plant Oils and Waxes of Avocado and Hazelnut

Suggested retail price: $69.00 (1 fl. oz)     

-Courtesy of Decleor

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