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NutshellMail Feature

Too much time spent on social networks? Looking for an easy on-ramp for your less techie friends and family members to get on social networks, but without the noise and intimidation factors? Now there is a social network management tool designed to meet the needs of today’s mainstream consumer.

NutshellMail simplifies people’s online social lives through the medium they already know well, email, and allows them to manage all of their social networks in one place. And it’s free.

Here’s a link to a demo:

Today, the service launched after six months in development as part of the Facebook fbFund, a joint venture between Facebook, Founders Fund and Accel Partners to help young technology companies deliver their technology to the world

While other tools are built only for real-time power users and require a software download or visit to yet another Website, NutshellMail allows users to interact with friends across all their social networks and email accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc.) through an easy-to-use interactive dashboard delivered in the format they already know well: email.

While power users love the service as an efficient productivity tool, it was primarily created for mainstream users, including:

·         Busy professionals who don't have to time to hang out on their social networks all day
·         Users who need an easy way to manage their social networks but don't want to access yet another application 
·         Email users who don't want to be distracted by the constant flow of one-off email alerts sent by their social networks
·         Non-technical users who want an easy on-ramp to social networking
·         People stuck behind firewalls who can't access their social networks at work or school

Try it now at NutshellMail.

here’s a slide show as well:


Facebook Fund Company (fbFund) Combines Best of Social Web with Email to Give Busy Professionals, Power Users and Non-Technical Users a Way to Manage All Social Networks through the Original Killer App: Email

NutshellMail (, the first social networking tool that allows users to monitor, manage and interact with all of their social networks via email, today formally launched its service for the mainstream. NutshellMail users rely on the service to consolidate, filter, organize and deliver all of their most important social networking information to one place (their favorite email inbox), and empower them to simplify their social Web lives. Try it now at NutshellMail.

This newest version integrates the ideas and feedback from its highly engaged user base, as well as the Company’s experience as part of the Facebook fbFund incubator program, a joint venture between Facebook, Founders Fund and Accel Partners to seed and incubate early stage companies.

“We developed our service to work through email because it’s an application that everyone knows well. We didn’t want to force people to log into yet another destination Website or to download another bloated piece of software,” said David Lyman, NutshellMail co-founder and COO. “Our mission is to give busy professionals, power users and novices alike an easy way to manage their social networks from a single place. Through our email-based service, people can manage and interact with their social Web lives in one place to be more connected and productive.”

While other tools require users to download desktop clients or log into yet another Website, NutshellMail allows users to manage their activity through the platform they are most comfortable with: their email inbox. It gives users an easy way to monitor and manage all of today’s most popular social networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace, etc.) as well as those extra email accounts that often go unchecked.

NutshellMail’s key features include:

·         A customization dashboard that enables users to select the messages and notifications they want to receive to help filter out the noise while ensuring they don’t miss the content that matters most

·         Ability to reply directly through email on information streams to update status, comment on posts, share stories, write on walls and send Tweets; all social networking interactions can now be done via email so users don’t have to visit each and every site

·         Keep track of Facebook pages and friend lists to ensure that users never miss a post from their favorite Facebook people and pages

·         Twitter lists and search phrase tracking to ensure that users do not miss Tweets from those they care most about

Most social network management tools require you to visit yet another application and often interrupt your work flow with a constant stream of feeds. NutshellMail is the only push-based service that doesn’t require you to change your daily behavior. You simply visit NutshellMail one time to add your accounts. You can then rely on the service to organize and deliver all your social networking activity directly to you on a schedule that you set.

“NutshellMail is the only social networking management tool specifically designed to address my simple needs. Most of us want to be part of the social networking conversation, but have other things to do during the day,” said Lindsay Adler, a NutshellMail user. “At its core, NutshellMail keeps track of my friends’ activity so I don’t have to. It’s the only tool that helps me stay social while freeing up my time to get my other important things done. I spend less time online now, but I also don’t miss what’s happening in my social Web life.”

About NutshellMail
NutshellMail is the first social networking management tool that combines the best of the Social Web with the original killer app: email. The service lets you organize, customize, monitor, manage and interact with all your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.) and extra email accounts from an interactive email dashboard delivered directly to your favorite inbox on a schedule that you choose. NutshellMail is part of the fbFund REV incubator program, a joint venture between Facebook, Founders Fund and Accel Partners to seed and incubate early stage companies. NutshellMail keeps you connected and saves you time. Sign up for your FREE account or learn more at NutshellMail.

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