Friday, December 11, 2009

Hair Tips to Keep Dad Looking Sharp

When it comes to keeping families up to date on haircuts and grooming, sometimes Dad gets lost in the mix. If Dad needs an updated look this holiday season (or a good New Year’s resolution!), Fantastic Sams® Hair Salons has some great tips for men who want to start 2010 with a well groomed head on their shoulders.

Pam Kelly, National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams Hair Salons, has some great tips for dads on how to get a “just from the salon” style at home and lists some of the most frequently forgotten questions for men to ask at a salon. She also discusses some of the hottest cuts and styles for men right now.

Longer Hair is Better
According to Pam, the most notable trend in men’s hairstyles is longer hair. The key to wearing longer hair for men is to keep the shape slim, not wide and bushy. All male designs should create a tall and lean look on men. One look that is popular for men is having longer layers cut on top and shorter layers on the sides and back.

Diversify for Success
To achieve the best styles, men should change up their styling products. Most men (you know who you are!) just grab the gel, but gel doesn't work for every hair type or style. Longer lengths may require pomade or molding mud to add texture with a slight hold.

Need to Know: Frequently Forgotten Questions
Men need to let their stylist know their daily routines. Be sure to tell your stylist what you do for a living, if you work out a lot, and how often you shampoo and condition. This helps the stylist to determine how much time the guest has to spend on his hair and what products to recommend.  In addition, most men have scalp issues for several reasons: products tend to build up on the scalp as men have shorter hair and men with thinner hair or short clipper cuts have more scalp exposure. These guests should ask about the best hair care regime to keep their scalp healthy. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

New fantastic™ for men tea tree shampoo Experience
Participating Fantastic Sams Hair Salons are now offering the new fantastic™ for men tea tree shampoo experience where men receive a three-minute massage during the shampoo service in addition to a hot towel treatment on the neck. It’s a relaxing service that helps to gently cleanse and soothe irritated scalps and incorporates Fantastic Sams Hair Salons’ newest men’s products, the fantastic™ for men tea tree shampoo and conditioner.

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