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Renowned Artist Offers Winter Activities the Entire Family Can Enjoy

During the winter, sitting down to a challenging puzzle or game with friends and family is a great way to share quality time and combat the seasonal blues! Renowned Artist Alex Beard has introduced a line of creative puzzles and games that are now available at Borders stores nationwide - perfect for the cold months and snowy days!


Renowned Artist Offers Winter Activities the Entire Family Can Enjoy;
On Sale through February at Borders

Coming together with friends and family during the chilly winter months to complete a puzzle or play a game is a great way to share quality time and combat the seasonal blues. As temperatures continue to drop, stay warm indoors sitting down to a challenging puzzle or game designed by renowned New Orleans artist Alex Beard. This winter, Alex offers people the chance to take an unconventional, challenging, creative approach to art and games. His line, which includes Impossible Puzzles™ and the Untamed Collection™, is now conveniently available through February at ever Borders store and at select Barnes and Noble stores nationwide. By using unconventional avenues, such as puzzles, strategy games and books, to inspire creative thinking, Beard is breaking down the barriers between the artist and the public. 

Alex Beard Impossible Puzzles (tm)

Due to overwhelming demand based on the first series of Impossible Puzzles TM, Alex Beard unveiled four new designs: Peacock, Nautilus, Butterflies and The Watering Hole.  Each is based on an original work of art by Beard, featuring his signature complex style of Abstract Naturalist creations. The Watering Hole is the first Impossible Puzzle TM created in wood especially for Barnes & Noble.  Each puzzle can replicate the original or can be rearranged into a new work of art, allowing for endless possibilities and ingenuity.

Alex Beard Impossible PuzzlesTM can be found at major retailers, including Borders,,, and Books A Million priced between $15 and $25.  “Butterflies” is available exclusively at Borders and

Untamed Collection™

After introducing Impossible Puzzles™, Beard had more ideas to expand the collection.  As a painter, writer and traveler, Beard’s days are consumed by his insatiable curiosity.  His imagination has no boundaries, and that is the theme that surfaced with the introduction of his Untamed™ collection.
Beard’s mission of demystifying art and making it accessible to everyone was the impetus behind his new collection, which features original art created with the goal of inspiring creative thinking. The collection includes a series of strategy games, as well as calendars, stationery, journals, sketch books and tote bags. Pricing info range.

Beard’s Untamed GamesTM can be found at all Borders stores,,,, Calendar Clubs and select Barnes and Noble stores nationwide.

For more information and to view the works of Alex Beard, please visit

About Alex Beard

Alex Beard is a painter and writer who has emerged as one of his generation’s most creative and successful artists.  Through his work, Beard hopes to demystify art and share the creative experience with as many people as possible, using every tool he can find. 

The Jungle Grapevine,” Beard’s debut children’s book, was published by Abrams Books for Young Readers in September 2009.  A modern telling of the classic telephone game, the book introduces the world of the Watering Hole and its inhabitants, and is based on Beard’s many experiences in Africa.  A companion set of board games, card games and puzzles accompany the book. 

While promoting “The Jungle Grapevine,” Beard introduced his “Kids’ Day” concept at events across the country this fall, and will continue implementing the program during the tour for his next book, “Monkey See, Monkey Draw,” which debuts in fall 2010.  “Kids’ Day” encourages children of all ages to embrace their inner artists and participate with Beard in the creative process by drawing, painting, and having fun with art.

New additions to the popular Alex Beard Impossible Puzzles line debuted this fall along with the introduction of the Untamed Collection, stationery, sketchbooks and the like, which feature all new Alex Beard art. Beard’s artwork hangs on public and private walls around the world, as well as in his new gallery on the corner of Royal Street and Pirate’s Alley in New Orleans. For more information, please visit his website at

-Courtesy of Alex Beard Studio


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