Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lucky Puppy Review

Lucky Puppy
~ Nothing But Cute ~

When long time friends Sandi Hochman and Jonathan Cathy joined forces to create products for fellow dog enthusiasts, an innovative lifestyle brand with a focus on children’s fashion was founded.  Sandi’s adoration for all things puppy and dog related merged with Jonathan’s creativity is the basis behind Lucky Puppy.  Admittedly so adorable, the only tagline deemed appropriate was “Nothing But Cute”.
Lucky Puppy is a collective of finely woven super soft cotton shirts, burned out t’s; short sleeve and long, thermals, hoodies, onesies, dresses and oxfords.  There are many styles to chose from with bold, contrasting colors including greens and pinks, blues and greys, purples and yellows -- all adorned with the Lucky Puppy signature paw print, heart icon or doggy dish.  Lucky Puppy also offers hats, key chains and charm bracelets and an additional line of organic cotton onesies and hats will launch in 2010. 
While Lucky Puppy is cute and adorable, the real heart of the brand is what makes it irresistible.  Created with the idea of giving back, each purchase of Lucky Puppy helps to rescue a homeless dog.  Lucky Puppy is devoutly dedicated to matching astrays with loving families and they succeed by partnering with foundations on a local and national level.  
For the months of January and February, Lucky Puppy will donate 15% of online sales to Paws and Learn Humane Education Center – an organization created to teach children and adults about responsible pet care and animal welfare.
Lucky Puppy retail prices range from approx $25 - $50 and can be purchased at  

-Courtesy of Lucky Puppy 


I was overjoyed to receive a sample tee shirt from Lucky Puppy for my daughter! It is the tee shirt pictured at the top of this post, with the phrase I 'Heart' LA on it. It has the puppy paw print inside the heart. I can't wait for the weather to get a bit warmer (not long now, here in Texas) so my daughter can rock this tee!
I love what Lucky Puppy has achieved as a clothing company, to make products for dog enthusiasts but also to give back. Lucky Puppy helps to match stray dogs with loving families on a local and national level. And in the months of January & February, Lucky Puppy gave 15% of their online profits to Paws and Learn Humane Education Center- an organization dedicated to teach adults and children about responsible animal care & welfare. 

So hop onto today and pick up some merch for the dog lover in your life-you'll feel good knowing your purchase will go towards helpings dogs & animals of all types. 

*I received a Lucky Puppy tee to facilitate my candid and honest review. No other form of compensation was or will be given. All personal views are my own!


Yellow Tennessee said...

Cute shirt.

Now following from MBC. Would love a follow back.

Island Girl said...

Thanks for the great review! The shirt you reviewed is so cute, my kids love dogs and would love a shirt like that! I gotta go check out their website. I also LOVE that the complany is created with the idea of giving back, each purchase of Lucky Puppy helps to rescue a homeless dog. So cool!

Ann said...

What a cute t-shirt! Following from MBC.

It is so nice when people give back to rescue agencies. I have rescued all my dogs. Thanks for the post.


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