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Children's Book Review Roundup

Feeding Penny Pig” – In Jeannine Fox’s “Feeding Penny Pig” (Mimi’s Funhouse LLC, November 2009), Laney’s grandmother Mimi gives her a very special piggy bank named Penny Pig for her birthday. Every day, Laney must do chores for her parents to earn money to feed the very hungry Penny. Because Laney loves Penny so much, she begins to love working around the house to keep her happy and full. The friendship between them teaches Laney responsibility and the value of earning and saving money.

Feeding Penny Pig is a delightful book for children ages 4-8. In this book, children will learn about money, responsibility, and about earning an allowance by performing chores. Penny Pig is a very special piggy bank, who is hungry for coins. Penny Pig was given to her owner Laney as a special birthday gift by Laney's grandma Mimi. Through Penny Pig, Laney learns the value of responsibility.

My daughter loved this beautifully illustrated book and is now on her way to becoming more responsible when it comes to money!

How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read” – In her new children’s book, “How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read” (Synergy Books, February 2010), Rima H. Corral introduces readers to a little boy named Eddie who receives a book on his third birthday. Inspired by this gift, Eddie decides he wants to learn to read. The book follows Lil’ Eddie and his family as they help him learn to read through books, games and a neighborhood reading club. Corral also includes “Help for Parents” sections scattered throughout the pages. She hopes this book will encourage parents to help their kids learn reading skills before entering kindergarten.

Little Eddie Learns to Read is more than a childrens book. It is also a great resource for parents. Throughout the book you will find 'Help for Parents' sections that describe techniques to help your preschooler learn to read before kindergarten.

Little Eddie is inspired by a book he receives for his 3rd birthday to learn to read. With the help of his family and friends, Eddie learns to count, spells the names of his favorite foods, and acts out stories.

Written by the producer and creator of PBS childrens television program Rima, Fuego and the Children, Rima H. Corral is an early childhood educator with 25 years experience. She has a degree in music and General Education along with several certifiations.

My daughter was engaged by this book and I know I will find it as a great reading resource for my daughter over the next few months and beyond before she starts pre-k.

I’m Up in a Tree” - Told in a lyrical rhyming style, Mark Alden Johnson’s “I’m Up in a Tree” (Bridgeway Books, January 2010) follows a little boy who climbs a tree for fun, only to realize he is scared to get down. As he sits high in the branches, various creatures that live in the tree approach him and advise him on how to get his feet back on the ground. Birds tell him to fly out of the tree, bees suggest he jump from the branch and a cat proposes he climb down. It is up to the little boy to decide if he should heed their advice, or trust his instincts and wait for his dad to help him. “I’m Up in a Tree” is a fun way to teach kids early to resist peer pressure and make their own choices.


I'm Up in a Tree is a delightful book for children! Written and illustrated by Mark Alden Johnson, this book tells the story of a little boy who climbs to the top of a tree and cannot get down. All sorts of animals, from bees to birds and cats, visit him while he ponders whether to get down or wait for his dad.

My daughter loves this book because it is written in rhyming, lyrical style and I like it because teaches kids from a young age to resist peer pressure!

The illustrations are curious and bright and I think my daughter enjoyed them the most, out of the 4 books found here. 

Here’s the scoop:
Summary: “Miracle in Sumatra: The Story of Gutsy Gus” (Ovation Books, October 2009, 978-0-9814534-6-0)

In “Miracle of Sumatra,” author Jeanne McNaney follows, Gus, a young orangutan as he discovers his parents have been trapped by hunters who have come to Sumatra to hunt the orangutan. With the help of his friends, Maya, a little girl, and Gabriella, the guardian of the jungle, Gus sets out to save his parents and teach the trappers about the importance of their natural habitat in Sumatra.

About the Author

Jeanne currently resides in Old Greenwich, Conn., with her husband and three young children. Her first children’s book, “The Legend of Honey Hollow” (Ovation Books, January 2009), introduces children to environmentalism and the dangers of global warming. She has served on the board of Pathways, Inc., which provides housing for mentally ill adults. She currently sits on the board of governors for the We Are Family Foundation and is an active volunteer with the Old Greenwich School.


Miracle in Sumatra: The Story of Gutsy Gus is a delightful, hard back book for children. The book tells the tale of Gus, an orangutan from the jungles of Sumatra. One day Gus is out playing and his orangutan family is captured by a group of trappers. Gutsy Gus then sets out on an adventure to rescue them! With the help of a guardian angel named Gabriella and a little girl named Maya, Gus fights for his families freedom and proves he too, can make a difference.

Miracle in Sumatra tells the plight of orangutans through a compelling educational story line. The book is written with Christian principles in mind. I was happy to learn that a percentage of all profits from the sale of the book go to organizations that support wildlife conservation and endangered species preservation. Miracle in Sumatra is beautifully illustrated throughout the book. For ages 4-8, this book is a great addition to your childrens book library!

Thanks to Phenix PR for arranging all of the books for review!

*I received copies of all 4 books featured above to facilitate my candid and honest review. No other form of compensation was or will be given. All personal views are my own!

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