Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kids Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Forget the candy this Valentine’s Day; give your kids new unique gift, personalized fragrance. We all know candy rots teeth and makes your kids bounce off the walls, yet every year we give boxes filled with chocolate as Valentine’s Day gifts. Well this year, you can finally change your ways and give your kids a gift like the stars have- personalized fragrance! Rosemary’s Potpourri is a fun new line of fragrances that personalizes a unique scent specifically for your name. They research the meaning of the name and develop a unique scent just for you, every scent is different! The personalized scents are available in perfumes/colognes, tin gift sets, body washes, shampoos, and lotions. Kids will love seeing their name on the label- a great way for them to feel like they are one of a kind! Rosemary’s Potpourri makes an excellent Valentine’s day gift for boys and girls! You can even use your favorite lotion, body wash or shampoo and have the custom fragrance added to it!  

-Courtesy of Rosemary's Scents

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