Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tag Mom This Mother's Day

Put whatever is dear to your mom's heart, well, close to her heart this Mother's Day.  Token Tags® are the most personal of charm necklaces with a hip and modern twist! 

Each Token Tag is tailored to what the customer holds dear: be it words of inspiration, a personal motto, a special date, a loved one’s name, etc. Since each piece is made-to-order by the designer, no two Token Tags are exactly alike! They make a thoughtful, chic and appreciated gift for any woman in your life. 

They’re created for all sorts of occasions and reasons, but popular requests include: in remembrance of a loved one, for a family member serving in the military, birthdays, an anniversary, a beloved pet, a personal value, a daily affirmation, and “mommy tags” which feature the names of your children.  

Design options include 18k gold and/or sterling silver, pendant-style token tags, circle-style token tags, assorted charms, and birthstone-embellished tags in gorgeous colors. The finished product is really striking!

Token Tags are owned by several celebs, including Trista Sutter who had a set made with her daughter's name (worn in US Weekly mag).  The tags range in price from $25 to $150, so they’re very reasonable. Place to order is 

-Courtesy of Token Tags

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