Wednesday, March 17, 2010

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning with the Kids

With the first day of spring right around the corner, parents’ minds are turning to gardening, backyard parties, and of course, the dreaded spring cleaning.

Once the gutters are cleaned and the windows scrubbed, why not freshen up the look of your space with a quick makeover and get the kids involved? With just a few modifications, your home can look as fresh and seasonal as the daffodils popping up in your front yard and burn some of your kids never ending energy.

Please find a few simple home makeover tips below from Sure Fit Home Solutions.

Refinish Refresh:
Instead of throwing out an old piece of furniture, let your kids paint it and keep it in their room. This doubles to let the kids express their creativity and as a piece of furniture.  Set up shop in the back yard to enjoy the warmer weather!

Quick Cover Up:
Freshen up your furniture and protect it from muddy feet and melted popsicles with a semi-custom slipcover. Leading slipcover provider Sure Fit has an extensive selection of fitted and tailored styles in an endless array of colors and materials for couches, chairs, recliners, futons, ottomans and more. They also provide “Tuck-Once” tools and grips that help to lock your slipcover in place for a natural, fuss free solution.

Make it a race and time the kids to see how fast they can get the slipcover on the furniture.

Rearrange Change:
Moving furniture may be the easiest way to change the look of your space. Try rearranging a room, or trading out furniture from one room to the next. That unused rocker could look great by the front window, it just needs to get brought up from the basement! 

Tell the kids that every item that they help move, earns them a point.  Five points equals an ice cream sundae at the end of the day.

Do it Yourself Details:  
Tell the kids that as a reward for cleaning up their room, they get to decorate it with their own personal style. Let them choose the colors to cover up throw pillows with sunnier colors and textures, and coordinate the colors with craft projects that will bring the room together. Think brightly painted picture frames, finger paint artwork, and colorful crafts.

Turn It Up:
Play your favorite music and turn it up to clean while you dance.  When the music stops everyone has to freeze.  Anyone caught moving has to put away one extra item.  This makes the time fly by and the kids won’t even realize they are helping you clean.

-Courtesy of Sure Fit Home Solutions 

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