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Active Wrap Review

Let’s face it when you're expecting, there are tons of things to buy for baby!  There’s the nursery to furnish, diapers, pacifiers and the list goes on and on.  It’s easy for expecting mommies to forget about themselves by getting caught up with their new arrival.  Moms-to-be need stuff too!  Here’s a list of three items every mom must have in her arsenal “before” and “after” baby. 

None of us likes swollen feet, ankles or legs.  Forget about how unattractive it is –it can actually be super painful and even dangerous.  An easy solution to reduce leg swelling is intermittent leg elevation.  The Lounge Doctor positions the legs in a unique manner which maximizes venous and lymphatic flow and reduces leg swelling.

Okay, now on to the aching lower back pain that never seems to go away.  Since you can’t pop an Ibuprofen like before, how about using something totally safe for mom and baby to help with those aches and pains?
The ActiveWrap offers easy to apply solutions with its thermal compression wraps.  These wraps support and treat muscle soreness –all completely safe for mom or baby. 

It’s here . . .the baby’s here.. . . it finally happened!  Whether you had a C-section, episiotomy or developed hemorrhoids the Handy Spray Personal Hygiene/Bidet will become your best friend.  It’s no secret that water is nature's most essential element and has been used for centuries in daily personal hygiene. Washing with water has long been accepted to be healthier and more comfortable than toilet paper. Studies have shown that regular usage of water may benefit those suffering from itching, irritation, and discomfort.


Company: ActiveWrap Inc.

Product Description:
ActiveWrap is the premier manufacturer of professional sports medicine products, specializing in thermal compression wraps and supports for the prevention and care of injuries and muscle soreness.

For complete care, ActiveWrap offers thermal compression wraps for the following: Foot Ankle Heat Ice Wrap, Back Heat Ice Wrap, Knee Leg Heat Ice Wrap, Wrist Heat Ice Wrap, Shoulder Heat Ice Wrap, and Elbow Heat Ice Wrap.

Interesting Tidbits:
ActiveWrap served as the Official Therapy Wrap to USA Gymnastics from 2002-2004 assisting the USA Olympic squad and gold medal athletes.

ActiveWrap was the 2007 Ion Sports Product of the Year!

Many top medical professionals and athletes use ActiveWrap including NFL legend and 3-time Superbowl winner Roger Craig.

ActiveWrap incorporates eco-friendly materials and sustainable packaging. In 2010, ActiveWrap will introduce several new supports made from eco-friendly neoprene and bamboo fabrics.

Sold At: or catalog
Retail Price: $10.95 - $69.95
Media Contact: Shawn Hickling
Address: 5550 Cerritos Avenue, Suite F
City: Cypress
State: CA
Zip: 90630
Phone: 866-880-9777

-Courtesy of Active Wrap 


I had the unique opportunity to review Active Wrap thermal compression wraps. These sport wraps are perfect for runners, gymnasts, football players, cyclists, swimmers, tennis players, dancers and more! Active Wrap has provided professional quality therapy wraps since 1997. 'It's your body...take care of it.'

I received the Mid Back/Lumbar Wrap from Active Wrap. This wrap can be used for the low back or abdominals. These wraps support and treat muscle soreness and are all completely safe for mom and baby. There is an insert that you can take out, it is a slim rectangular gel pack that can be heated or cooled. 

Then place the wrap on your back for lower back pain, or on your abdominals for cramps or soreness from working out. 

I am pleased with the quality of Active Wrap, it even comes with its own carrying case. I can use the wrap after I do yoga to help with those sore muscles. My husband gets lower back pain, the Active Wrap would do wonders for him! But I'm thinking about passing the wrap on to my sister in law who is pregnant with twins (remember? ;) thats the 100th time I've mentioned it). 

These durable, quality Active Wraps are perfect for the athletic person in your life. Visit today!

*I received an Active Wrap to facilitate my candid and honest review. No other form of compensation was or will be given. All personal views are my own!

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