Friday, March 12, 2010

Is Your Child's Mattress A Safety Hazard?

A good night’s sleep is the fuel that recharges a child’s body.  It has strong superpowers to further the development process as it helps grow, heal, focus, and increase brainpower.  But, there are many hidden dangers in mattresses, and if a parent doesn’t properly research a potential purchase, the damage it can have on a child’s growth is immeasurable.

Memory foam mattresses are one of the fastest growing trends in the bedding industry, but many parents make the huge mistake of buying a memory foam mattress for their child that’s basically just a pint sized version of the adult size bed.  While the standard memory foam mattress is made with five pounds of memory foam, a child’s body really only should be laying on three pounds—that’s because children require a less dense foam for their lighter weight. 

The Jubilee bed by Glideaway addresses these safety concerns as it’s designed specifically to suit a child’s needs—for their healthiest sleep. The Jubilee bed comes in pink or blue and retails for $399.  For store locations visit

-Courtesy of Glideaway

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