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Green & Frugal Homemade Gifts for Mom

Sandy Sandler, do it yourself craft and home décor and gift expert provides simple, budget friendly Mother's Day crafts and gifts kids can create for their mom. In addition, Sandler, who is the founder of non-profit and creator of the best selling Bowdabra, is providing several fun, easy and cost-effective projects that kids and parents can do in under 5 minutes and under $5.

March is National Craft Month and Sandler can provide ideas to stimulate creativity with kids that are cost-effective including keeping kids busy during Spring Break, essential craft supplies to have on hand, and creative project ideas.

"A mom cherishes nothing more than a gift from her child – especially one that they took the time to create," Sandler says. "There are Mother's Day gifts and spring crafts easy enough for dad to help out too."

From jewelry to spring inspirations, Sandler is providing free step-by-step projects to complete at

Examples of the 555 Mother's Day & Spring Projects include:
Basil Infused Vinegar: An extravagant gift perfect for Mother's Day, special occasions, and as a hostess gift. Basil is placed into a White Wine Vinegar Bottle and then the bottle is decorated with ribbon and faux flowers. 
Beaded Spring Cinnamon Stick:  Not just for Fall, cinnamon sticks make a beautiful scented decoration all year long by using simple kid-friendly craft items: pipe cleaners, beads, and ribbon. This craft is not only a great spring decoration but makes a precious Mother's Day gift or grandmother's gift.
Mother's Day Necklace: This beaded spring necklace is an easy craft for children to make for their mother or other family members. Beads and lacing cord is a great item for school age children to use to make necklaces and bracelets for themselves or as gifts.
Lollipop Spring Bouquet: What is not to love; candy and flowers? This is an easy craft for school age children to make and the perfect gift for a Mother or other family members to receive. Simple scrapbooking shapes, lollipops, and pipe cleaners are needed to make this craft. Give one lollipop flower or a whole bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day, spring gift, or as a teacher's gift.
Magnet Picture Frames: A Mother' Day gift; spring themed Magnet Picture Frames made using Popsicle sticks embellished with buttons and shells. Mom will enjoy her favorite photos taped onto the top of the scrapbooking paper. 
Floral Pen Arrangement: This easy kid-friendly craft is mess-free and so elegant; perfect gift for Mother's Day or as a teacher's gift. Children can easily make the pens by wrapping electrical tape around a pen and a faux flower stem.  
Spring Grapevine Wreath: Reuse a grapevine wreath from another holiday to make this Spring Grapevine Wreath. Wrap the wreath with strings of beads or beaded Christmas garland. Attach ribbon and spring faux flowers to the side of the wreath.

"Crafting is often about reusing and recycling decorations," she adds.

Sandler can talk to the following craft topics:
·         National Craft Month
·         Family Craft Night: A crafty twist on a family game night
·         Projects to Make for Your Pet
·         Mother's Day Homemade Gift Ideas
·         Father's Day Homemade Gift Ideas

"Spending time together making cost effective and creative gifts helps create family memories and new traditions," she says. "A wealth of creativity and hours of fun await with these 555 projects."

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