Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wonder Rotunda: New Educational Online Game for Kids

Smart New Website, Wonder Rotunda, Gives Kids a Ticket to Exciting Journeys Right From the Home Computer

Today, Wonder Rotunda Productions LLC announces the launch of the Wonder Rotunda (www.WonderRotunda.com), a virtual, educational theme park designed to open the eyes of children to the wonders of our planet. Call it “A Virtual World's Fair,” Wonder Rotunda park, gets kids thinking about the world, what they're interested in and passionate about, and how they might make their mark some day.
 To navigate the Wonder Rotunda, youngsters create a virtual self. Then, they travel by hot air balloon over the Serengeti, zip-line through a tropical rainforest, steer a submarine through the human digestive system, dive the Great Barrier Reef, maneuver the command module of Apollo 11 to the Moon, and so much more.
 Kids test their newly acquired knowledge on 13 "TV game shows," search for gold coins, earn rewards and Wonder Dollars (the Park's currency), fly blimps over the Park and shop for magical souvenirs. Keeping their avatars energized requires youngsters to make healthy choices at the Park's 12 food stands.
 The Wonder Rotunda is unique in that it allows parents to create their own personal character and join a child on a visit.  With an emphasis on stimulating curiosity and learning, the Wonder Rotunda is an alternative to the internet’s typical offerings for kids. The Park is not a social network, has no ads and commercials and is designed for kids 7-12.
 The Wonder Rotunda was conceived and developed by Eric Garfinkel, founder of the classic toy company, Back to Basics Toys. As a dad of four, Garfinkel wanted to create something that replicated the sparks of inspiration he and many others experienced as kids visiting the 1964-65 N.Y. World's Fair.
 Garfinkel says "Our mission is to get kids thinking about our world, finding things that they're interested in, or passionate about, and exploring how they might make their mark some day. What matters is stimulating a child’s curiosity and sparking new interests.  When they have interests and passions, youngsters feel good about themselves and have a zest for life.”
Some of the Park’s other adventures include, conducting a symphony orchestra, learning about money while managing a yogurt smoothie stand, riding a high speed roller-coaster to learn about nutrition, starring in a Hollywood movie, learning how each of us can make a difference in the world, a VIP Tour of Washington, and circling the globe to learn about the work of the United Nations.
A one year unlimited access pass to the Park is $45. Passes can be renewed annually for $35.

About Wonder Rotunda
The Wonder Rotunda, produced by Wonder Rotunda Productions LLC, is a virtual, educational theme park designed to let children explore the wonders of the world and experience learning adventures. The Park blends game play with rich educational content.
Set on an island in New York Harbor, the Wonder Rotunda features fifteen interactive and animated adventures covering an array of topics including rainforests, animal wildlife, marine life, climate change, the human body, money and business, American government, nutrition, filmmaking, classical music, the visual and performing arts, space exploration, making a difference in the world, and globalization. Each adventure takes about 15-25 minutes to experience, depending on how often a child chooses to probe for additional layers of information.
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