Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween Photography Tips

Halloween is right around the corner! This year, be sure to capture your little ghost or goblin’s memories in a unique way. An expert in children’s photography, Linda Russell of Russell Photography (www.russellphoto.com), offers 5 tips for parents to take perfect Halloween pictures.

Utilize available light: Turn off your flash and use a tripod or even the back of a chair to stabilize your camera and use a slow shutter speed to photograph your child by jack- o- lantern or candle light.

Light your child from below: For a really "haunting" photo, have them hold a flashlight below their face pointed up. Under-lighting is sinister and very scary.

Tell a story with your camera: Start with a "still life" that says "Halloween" (a costume box, a jack-o-lantern, an empty trick or treat bag, etc) Next photograph your child before the transition from suburban student to blood dripping vampire. Capture the make up, the costume, the process.

Create a portrait of them in costume as if it were real: A princess on her throne, a cowgirl in front of a barn, or a ghoul in the cemetery. Engage your child in the fantasy.

Photograph the haul! Every child remembers the special Halloween when the mountain of candy was beyond belief. Photograph them close up using a wide angle setting. Fill the frame with candy as well as their joyful expression.

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