Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Begin Smart Books

Begin Smart™ is a developmental publishing program designed to encourage the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth of babies and toddlers. Begin Smart is not just another book program. It addresses children’s need to take in information through all of their senses—eyes, ears, fingers, mouths, and noses—and to manipulate objects as much as possible.

How Your Baby’s Developing

Your baby is figuring out her world.

Everyone agrees that parents should spend lots of time talking to and holding infants. But many of us think of books as stories to be told, and it makes no sense to tell a story to someone who cannot comprehend it. However, for infants, anything with clear, accessible pictures constitutes a book. When we “read” books to babies and hold them close, they benefit as much as older children do when we read stories to them.

Reading is a game for two players, and babies make perfect game partners. They point and pat and name—and books make all kinds of conversations possible. Begin Smart books make the shared dialogue richer.
Carefully leveled by age and ability in six-month increments, the Begin Smart program will expand the emerging motor and cognitive skills of children from birth to two years. The collection includes board books, touch-and-feel, lift-the-flap, and novelty formats.

By structuring a program developmentally, Begin Smart helps parents make sense of the disordered array of reading choices they often face in the marketplace. Begin Smart is a gift of learning—not only for children under three, but also for parents. Reading to your baby will help your relationship with your child deepen and grow. And your child will grow up to love to learn to read.
Today I received a package from Begin Smart Baby Books. I was so delighted to open the package and see what was inside. My daughter was too. She loved all the various board books inside, a bath book and bath toy, a set of round flash cards with a ring attached to them, a book with a stuffed animal attached and some board books that had squeakers. She ended up playing with the books all day and we read them all together. I'm so glad I got to review these books and my daughter will be happy to read them for years to come. Thanks to Sterling Children's Books.

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