Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tips to Make the Most of Student Smiles

SchoolPictures.com (www.SchoolPictures.com), a provider of stress-free school picture days that generate thousands of dollars for schools, has offered the following “Tips To Make the Most of Student Smiles,” a helpful guide for students, parents and teachers for their annual portraits. Reporters and editors are welcome to reprint these tips in full or to use them as a basis for a seasonal article or broadcast segment. Press are encouraged to invite readers and viewers to post on the outlet’s Web site their own tips, or alternatively their humorous “school picture day horror stories,” to create an interactive component to the feature.
1.    Mark your calendar! You do not want to forget the date of your student’s pictures.
2.    A well-groomed child is the best start for a perfect photo.
3.    Do not try out any new haircuts, styles or colors within two weeks before photos.
4.    Avoid wearing stripes or loud prints on clothing. Solid colors are a sure bet.
5.    Avoid clothes with printed slogans. They often get cropped out of the photo.
6.    A good night’s sleep keeps under-eye circles at bay.
7.    Select small accessories that don’t detract from the focus on your student.
8.    A spot of eye drop solution can help reduce redness of facial blemishes.
9.    Avoid excessive sun exposure for a few days prior to picture day.
10.  Good posture will ensure kids look alert and at their best.
11.  Tell students to relax and let their own smile and personality come through!

As background, SchoolPictures.com has skyrocketed from a roster of 12,000 students to 112,000 students in its four years of existence. During that time, the company has donated more than $2 million to Michigan schools using its unique portrait services. Schools have used the money for a variety of projects and programs, including purchasing text books, lighting for theaters, microscopes and playground equipment and paying salary of a part-time media specialist, providing scholarships to subsidize student participation in tutoring programs and funding after-school activities.
SchoolPictures.com provides stress-free school picture days that generate thousands of dollars for schools. Its mission is to generate high-quality, easy-to-order photos while supplementing funding for education and improving the academic environment for children. Designed with the direct input of a group of four retired school principals, SchoolPictures.com’s unique business model enables the company to accept a fixed fee for each photo package purchased and to donate the remainder of the cost of the package directly to the school. Since its founding in 2005, SchoolPictures.com has presented schools with more than $2 million in total contributions. In addition to student portraits, the company offers school IDs and customized photo yearbooks. A privately held company, SchoolPictures.com is based near Ann Arbor, Michigan. More information is available at www.SchoolPictures.com.

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