Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Momcepts Review

With the need to save green and be green, grocery shopping can be a complicated endeavor these days. Consider these two ingenious new items to help keep grocery shoppers organized, efficient and eco-friendly…

The Koala Pouch ($14.95 at – A stylish eco-conscious shopping organizer that fits securely over any shopping cart handle to hold EVERYTHING the grocery shopper needs. It has:

•A dedicated pocket with index cards to keep coupons and shopping lists organized
•A roomy see-through pocket for easy access to your mobile phone
•A pocket with two stylish and spacious reusable bags so you’ll never forget them again!
•Enough space for a List Caddy, Koalabiner, keys, money, debit/credit cards etc. (a great idea for those who’d rather leave their purse at home or in the car while they shop)
•A pen/pencil holder

The Koalabiner Purse Hanger ($4.95 at – This is a must-have accessory for all purse toting grocery shoppers and moms. The Koalabiner is a super sturdy carabiner that clips purses securely to any shopping cart or stroller handle to free up cart space and provide easy access for the shopper, and difficult access for kids or purse snatchers. It also is a great for securing reusable bags while shopping, and for clipping full grocery bags together to prevent items from spilling out.

Momcepts is creator of the popular List Caddy ($1.99 at, a sturdy list, coupon and pencil holder that snaps onto shopping cart handles and attaches to refrigerators for easy list and coupon management.

-Courtesy of Momcepts

I had the awesome opportunity to review three products from Momcepts! The List Caddy, Koalabiner, and Koala Pouch. All three products are organizational products specifically designed to enhance your shopping experience!

I actually hosted a review and giveaway for the List Caddy on my former blog. I have found this to be an ingenious product great for the home and shopping trips. The List Caddy has a magnet on the back of it, so at home I attach it to the refrigerator. It holds notes, lists, and a pen too! When I need to make a trip to the grocery I take it with me and attach it to my shopping cart handle. It holds my coupons, shopping list and a pen to mark off the things I have put in my basket. Love it!
The Koalabiner is yet another inspired product from Momcepts. It is a metal clip shaped like a koala's head. You can attach it to your shopping cart handle and then attach your purse or reusable shopping bags to it. It keeps those items out of your way and makes it difficult for kids or thieves to make off with your stuff! You can also use the Koalabiner to clip two grocery bags together to keep the contents inside and to make it easier to carry them both at once.

And last but not least is the Momcepts Koala Pouch. Every mom needs this  eco-conscious shopping organizer! It has tons of uses. You can organize and remember what you need for your shopping trips. It has a pocket for and includes two stylish reusable grocery bags. This organizer is spacious enough for coupons, lists, a pen, and List Caddy holders. There is even a see through pouch for your iPhone or Blackberry. The organizer has velcro so you can fold it over your shopping cart handle and have easy access. There is also a clip for your keys and other items. 

Thanks so much to Momcepts for letting me test drive their wonderful products! 

*I received samples of the featured products to facilitate my candid and honest review. No other form of compensation was or will be given. All personal views are my own! 

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