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Happy Halloween!

Here's hoping you all have a Happy Halloween! Stay safe and have some fun. 

Thank you for continuing to subscribe to 512 Kidz blog. I am on hiatus for the time being. I will continue to update and maintain 512 Kidz blog until I have more time for blogging at a later date. 

Mary S
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

August Monthly Wrap Up

Books I Read in August:

None =( 

But I did read Reader's Digest and Remedy Magazine!

Top Posts in August:

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Jumping Jack

Books I Hope to Read in September

None yet =(

Posts Coming Up in September

Reviews: (and maybe a giveaway or two!)

Terro Mosquito Repellant

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Standard Virgin Coconut Oil

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Clairvoyant Beauty

My Name is Not Isabella: Just How Big Can a Little Girl Dream? Story by Jennifer Fosberry Pictures by Mike Litwin

The Hip Klip

Tie Buddies

101 Things to do with Meatballs by Stephanie Ashcraft

Your Not the Boss of Me: Brat-Proofing Your 4- to 12-Year-Old Child by Betsy Brown Braun

Duncan Hines Triple Chocolate Decadent Cake Mix and Duncan Hines Amazing Glazes

The Ultimate Grilling Collection

Box Tops for Education Prize Pack

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Help Energizer in The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Help in the fight against breast cancer research.  Energizer is currently a sponsor of the 2010 Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure®, a series of 15 events across the nation where participants walk 60 miles over the course of three days.  As a way to celebrate this, Energizer is donating $1 to Susan G. Komen for a Cure for every new “like” on the Energizer Bunny Facebook page (up to $15,000).  That’s right.  All you have to do is “Like” the Energizer Bunny!

Here is a link to the Energizer Bunny Facebook page:

-Courtesy of Energizer

Brookstone Promo Code

Have you considered Brookstone when it comes to Gifts for Him? Brookstone has been generous enough to offer 512 Kidz blog readers a coupon code for $10 off an online purchase of $70 or more! Summers coming to an end, and you'll want to keep your patio furniture beautiful until next year with some Outdoor Furniture Covers. Dad's birthday coming up? Mine is! Brookstone is your one stop shop for Gifts for Dad.

Use coupon code 22SAVE at and get $10 off any online purchase of $70 or more!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Expert Tips: Choosing the Right Pet / Dog For Your Family - Camp Bow Wow CEO

Many families are looking to expand their brood turn to furry friends, which often become as much a member of the family as anyone else. So how do families decide if a pet is right for them, and if so, what type is best for your family?
Heidi Ganal, whose life, career, and passion revolves around pets, offers the below tips for selecting a canine companion or other pet for your family. As the CEO and Founder of Camp Bow Wow, Heidi has seen it all – and knows the ins and outs of choosing the perfect fit for you.
Outlined below are her tips.  Heidi is a mom-preneur, as a mother of two children, she created Camp Bow Wow after losing her husband in a tragic plane crash and has an amazing tragedy to triumph story, heading up a company that now has 200 franchises nationwide.

How Old Are the Members of My Family?
Ø  If the youngsters in your household are under seven years old, they are usually not developmentally suited for puppies 5 months old and under or toy-sized (under 15 pounds) dogs of any age. Puppies have ultra sharp "milk teeth" and toenails and often teethe on and scratch children, resulting in unintentional injury to the child. The puppy becomes something to be feared rather than loved.
Ø  Toy dogs are fine-boned, touch-sensitive creatures that do not weather rough or clumsy handling well. They break relatively easily and are quicker to bite than their larger boned, mellower relatives.
Ø  Unless your children are unusually sensitive, low-key, respectful individuals, a medium-to-large sized dog over 5 months old is usually the safer choice. Regardless of size, all interactions between small children and dogs should be monitored by a responsible adult. When there is no one to watch over them, they should be separated.
Ø  At the opposite end of the spectrum, are there frail elderly or physically challenged individuals in the household? If so, strong vigorous adolescent dogs are not a wise idea. No aging hips or wrists are safe from these yahoos. People who were one-breed fans throughout their lives may one day find that their favorite breed demands more than they can physically handle. The new dog must fit the current physical capabilities of his keepers with an eye toward what the next 10-15 years will bring.

Who Will Be the Dog's Primary Caretaker?
Ø  A decade or so back, this was an easy question to answer-- Mom. She stayed home and cooked, cleaned and raised the family dog. Most families these days do not have that option. All adults have to go to work and the kids head off to school. This leaves the family dog to be sandwiched in between lessons and sports and household chores and so on. One parent should be designated Primary Caretaker to make sure the dog does not get lost in the shuffle.
Ø  Some parents bow to the pressure their children put on them to get a dog. The kids promise with tears in their eyes that they will religiously take care of this soon-to-be best friend. The truth of the matter is, during the 10 - 15 year lifespan of the average dog, your children will be growing in and out of various life stages and the family dog's importance in their lives will wax and wain like the Moon. You cannot saddle a child with total responsibility for the family dog and threaten to get rid of it if the child is not providing that care. It is not fair to child or dog.
Ø  Choosing the family dog should include input from all family members with the cooler-headed, more experienced family members' opinions carrying a bit more weight. The family dog should not be a gift from one family member to all the others. The selection experience is one the entire family can share. Doing some research and polling each family member about what is important to them in a dog will help pin down what you will be looking for. Books like Daniel Tortora's THE RIGHT DOG FOR YOU or The ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs can be tremendously helpful and can warn you away from unsuitable choices for your family's circumstances.

How Much Can I Spend?
Ø  The price to obtain a dog runs the gamut from free-to-a-good-home to several thousand dollars. It does not always hold true that you get what you pay for. The price you pay in a pet shop is usually 2 to 3 times higher than what you pay a reputable breeder for a puppy of similar (or usually better) quality.
Ø  Too many folks spend all their available cash on a pet shop purchase and then have no money left for initial veterinary care, a training crate or obedience classes--all necessary expenses. Remember, the purchase price of a dog is a very small part of what the dog will actually cost. Save money for food (especially if it is a large or giant breed), grooming (fancy coated breeds such as Poodles, Cockers, and Shih Tzus need to be clipped every 4 to 6 weeks), chew toys (the vigorous chewers like a Bull Terrier or Mastiff can work their way through a $8.00 rawhide bone in a single sitting), outerwear (short-coated breeds like Greyhounds, Chihuahuas, and Whippets must have sweaters and coats in the winter or in lavishly air conditioned interiors), and miscellaneous supplies (bowls, beds, brushes, shampoos, flea products, odor neutralizers for accidents, baby gates, leashes, collars, heartworm preventative etc.).
Ø  And then, there is the veterinary emergency! Very few dogs live their entire lives without at least one accident. Your puppy eats a battery or pair of pantihose, your fine-boned toy breaks a leg, your big boy has bad hips, your dog gets hit by a car or beaten/bitten by the neighborhood bully. These surprises can cost $500 or more. Unlike our children, most of our dogs are not covered by health insurance.
Ø  But "How much can I spend?" is not only a question of money. How much time and energy can you spend on a new dog? Various breeds and ages of dog make different demands on our precious spare time. In general, the Sporting, Hounds, Herding, and Terrier breeds will demand more time in training and daily exercise than will the Guardian or Companion breeds. A puppy or adolescent will need more exercise, training, and supervision than will an adult dog. And the first year with any new dog regardless of age or breed type will put more demands on the owner than any other time, for this is when you are setting up house rules and routines which will last for the lifetime of your dog.
Ø  America has become a nation of disposable pet owners. Doesn't your family dog deserve better? Choose wisely, for when the bond breaks, everybody concerned suffers. Make selecting your new family dog a life-affirming act.

-Courtesy of Heidi Ganal, Camp Bow Wow

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July Monthly Wrap Up

Books I Read in July:

Twilight: Director's Notebook by Catherine Hardwicke

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Illustrated Movie Companion by Mark Cotta Vaz

Doing a little better with my reading! ;)

Top Posts in July:

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Until Tomorrow, Jennifer




Books I Hope to Read in August

The Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie Stackhouse Novels/True Blood Books 2-8 by Charlaine Harris

Posts Coming Up in August:

Emptying the Nest: Launching Your Young Adult Toward Success and Self-Reliance by Brad E. Sachs, Ph.D. Book Review

Kymaro Cami Review

Kymaro Fix My Roots! Review

Kymaro Bust Up Cups Review

Kymaro Backless Bra Review

and possibly a giveaway or two!
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Bloggers and Giveaway Enthusiasts: Check Out Giveaway Scout!

Bloggers and Giveaway Enthusiasts: I found a great new site for bloggers to advertise their giveaways on! The site is called Giveaway Scout. You can visit the site and find tons of great giveaways from around the web. You can also register your blog to the site at this link! When you register your blog, Giveaway Scout automatically picks up and lists your giveaways. Check it out!

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KinderCare Learning Centers Blog Tour

Finding the right school for your young child can feel overwhelming, with so many things to consider from class size, to location, programming and curriculum. KinderCare, a preschool and kindergarten program with 1600 centers nationwide, offers age-appropriate curriculum, customized experiences and overall school preparedness, making the back to school or start of school process a whole lot easier.

KinderCare Learning Centers provide low teacher to student ratios, strong communication between families and teachers, and a safe, nurturing atmosphere. Offering projects designed to excite children's imaginations, KinderCare provides a stimulating environment for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school aged children alike. And with over 40 years experience in childcare and education, KinderCare provides peace of mind so parents can feel confident in their choice. 

In a nationwide survey of parents, KinderCare Learning Centers learned that when selecting a school, 76% of parents are most concerned that their school of choice employs quality and passionate teachers and 80% want to know that their child is excited to take part in activities while at school.

-Courtesy of KinderCare and Mom Central

My daughter is starting school this fall. She will be going into preschool! She has special needs and will be in a class with kids much like her. When selecting a school for my daughter, I want to be sure its not too far from home. We live by humble means so we also want to be sure that the school isn't too expensive. As a mom of a special needs child I want to be sure that the school my daughter attends is well prepared to educate a child such as her. Our local public school has a great special needs program so my daughter will be attending school there. Above all I want to be sure my child is safe and well taken care of, and I know she will be at her future pre-k!

I don't really remember my first day of school, but I remember every year before the first day of school would be a mix of emotions. Happy to see your friends and a bit nervous about how the day will go. I changed schools a lot so I having to make new friends was always a bit tough on me. But I always met a nice group of kids. I hope my daughter doesn't have to change schools as often as I did! I hope she has a great first day of pre-k.

*I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of KinderCare Learning Centers and received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back 2 School Projects to Save Money & Show Creativity

Sandy Sandler, founder of non-profit and creator of the best selling Bowdabra, is providing several fun, easy and cost-effective projects that kids and can do that save money and show their creativity.
Between new clothes and backpacks, supplies and shoes, back to school time can really put a dent in your budget. Fortunately, with a little forethought and creativity, you can save money on your back to school supplies and still start the school year off right.

Shop Ahead
School supplies are often at their cheapest in mid summer. Call your child's school and find out if you can get the supply list a little early and take advantage of those sales. Find out when your state has its tax-free days and plan your shopping around it for extra savings.

Buy Simple
When you do hit the stores, keep an eye out for the simpler alternatives. Instead of glossy, photo covered folders and binders buy plain white and then let kids decorate them with magazine photos, fabric and paper scraps. Cover blank notebooks and journals with fun fabric and make your own book covers out of wallpaper or contact paper. Decorating their own school supplies isn't just a cost cutting measure; it will also boost confidence when they can show off their own creations to their friends.

Take advantage of all the online tutorials out there and make your own pencil cases, gym bags and even back packs. Look around the house, at thrift stores or even in the recycling bin for items you can reuse for interesting projects like this fun pencil bag -

Clothing Face Lift
Before you spend any money on back to school clothing, go though your children's closets and drawers with them and find items that could use a little face life to give them new life. Patch the knees of boys' jeans with rough and rugged camouflage fabric, add length to a skirt or T-shirt by stitching ribbon or fringe to the hem, make your own freezer paper stencils and paint over stains with fabric paint. Even younger kids can get in on the action with this no-sew blue jeans spruce up.

You'll need:
An old pair of jeans
Roll of rickrack or fun ribbon
Permanent Fabric Glue

1. Wash and dry the jeans and lay them out on a flat work surface. Using the ribbon, measure around the ankle of the jeans and cut four pieces just slightly longer than this length.
2. Using the fabric glue, fold over one end of the ribbon and attach it along the bottom hem of the jeans. Glue another length of ribbon onto the jean about two inches above the first. Repeat with the other leg. Be sure to fold over the other end before gluing it down.
3. Cut four more pieces just longer than the width of the back pocket. Following the same procedure, glue the ribbon down along the top of the pocket.
4. Allow the glue to dry completely before wearing. Wash according to the instructions on the glue.

Plan No-Waste Lunches
One of the biggest cost cutting measures you can take is to move to homemade reusable lunch bags and sandwich wraps. Over the course of the year, the cost of sandwich baggies and brown paper sacks can really add up, but creating your own reusable lunch packing items is easier, and cheaper, than you think. For sandwich wraps cut 12-inch squares of canvas using pinking shears. Lay the square on your work surface point side up and, with a piece of bread in the center for sizing, fold first the side corners and then the bottom and top corners down. Find the point where the top and bottom corners meet and attach stick on Velcro to each side. Kids can use fabric markers to decorate their sandwich wraps and they can easily be tossed in the laundry when they need a wash.

A reusable lunch bag is a great first sewing project that children can feel proud of every day when they sit down in the cafeteria to eat. But before you rush out to the fabric store, look through your sewing bin and check outgrown clothing. An old cotton shirt and a fleece sweater can give you all the fabric you need for this fun project.

You'll need:
(2) 12x24 inch pieces of cotton fabric
(1) 12 x 24 inch piece of polar fleece
Velcro dots
10 inches of ribbon

1. On your work surface, layer first the fleece, then a cotton rectangle, right side up, and finally the last rectangle, right side down. Pin across one of the long sides and sew using a straight stitch.
2. Fold the top layer of cotton up and press the seam open with your fingers.
3. Now fold this new, larger rectangle in half the other way. Pin and sew along the edge.
4. Fold the cotton only side down over the fleece to create a shorter tube. Trim the raw edges of the fabric to be even and sew across the bottom of the bag.
5. Turn the whole thing right side out. Fold the corners of the bottom in and stitch into place. Add a handle to the top using the ribbon and attach the Velcro dots along the top edge of the bag to hold it closed.

For more creative ideas, visit to download free projects at Crafters 4 Kids.

To learn more, visit:

-Courtesy of Crafters 4 Kids

Share Your 'Milano Moment'

Take a minute to explore the 'Milano Moment' widget above. 'Like' Milano's new page on facebook, share your 'Milano Moment' and be entered to win one of 1,000 bushels (cases) of the new Strawberry Milano Cookies from Pepperidge Farm. Check it out!

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Eclipse Trivia

I got this email with a bunch of Twilight trivia in it and thought I would share with you guys. I will answer the questions to the best of my ability, real answers are below!

Think you know Twilight? Well, think again as our Eclipse inspired quiz tests your Twilight mettle.

Let's get to it! The answers are below... good luck.


  1. What school is Bella planning to "attend" in the fall? University of Alaska
  2. What college did Edward apply to for Bella and perhaps help her to get accepted? Brown?
  3. What is Bella?s astrological sign? Virgo?
  4. What city seems to have a serial killer on the loose? Seattle
  5. Which board game does Bella watch Edward and Alice play? Ouija?
  6. What does Bella help Angela do in preparation for the upcoming graduation? prepare her valedictorian speech?
  7. Who was the first Quileute Spirit Warrior to transform into a wolf? Taha Aki
  8. What did Taha Aki?s third wife do to save the tribe from a vampire? stab herself to distract the vampires
  9. Who did Sam date before he imprinted with Emily? Leah Clearwater
  10. What does Edward buy for Bella when she has her "slumber party" with Alice? a heart charm for her bracelet?
  11. Which vampire from the Denali clan showed interest in Edward? ?
  12. What was Rosalie?s last name? ?
  13. Why was Rosalie jealous of her best friend Vera? she had a baby and husband
  14. Who was Rosalie engaged to as a human? a terrible man
  15. Where did Jasper live as a human? Houston, TX
  16. What war did Jasper fight in and what was his rank? Civil war, ?
  17. Where did Alice meet Jasper? in philadelphia?
  18. Who gives Bella an outfit to wear for graduation? Alice?
  19. What color are the graduation gowns for Forks High? ?
  20. Where do Charlie, Bella and most of the other graduates eat after graduation? the cafe?
  21. Who throws a graduation party for Bella? Alice
  22. What charm does Jacob give Bella on the bracelet? And Edward? a carved wooden wolf/crystal heart charm
  23. Why is Jacob so furry as a werewolf? he has long human hair
  24. Who is second in command of the werewolves? Jacob?
  25. How does Bella break her hand? punching Jacob
  26. Who is the blond newborn vampire with Victoria when she goes after Bella? Riley
  27. Which wolf fights along with Edward against Victoria and her partner? Seth Clearwater
  28. How does Jacob get hurt during the big battle? a newborn crushes his ribs with its grasp
  29. What does Jacob call Carlisle when he is treating is injuries? ?
  30. Who shows up after the newborn vampire army is destroyed? The Volturi
  31. Who was the newborn vampire who surrendered to Carlisle? Bree Tanner
  32. Where did Edward get Bella?s wedding ring? vintage ring from his parents
Whew! And here are the real answers...

Eclipse Answers
  1. University of Alaska Southeast
  2. Dartmouth
  3. Virgo
  4. Seattle
  5. Chess
  6. Address graduation announcements
  7. Taha Aki
  8. She stabbed herself to distract the vampire
  9. Leah Clearwater
  10. A huge bed
  11. Tanya
  12. Hale
  13. She had a beautiful baby and loving husband
  14. Royce King
  15. Houston, Texas
  16. Civil war, Major
  17. In a Philadelphia diner
  18. Alice
  19. Yellow
  20. The Lodge
  21. Alice
  22. Hand-carved wooden wolf, heart shaped crystal (diamond maybe)
  23. He keeps his hair longer because he thinks Bella likes it better
  24. Jacob
  25. She hits Jacob in the face after he kisses her
  26. Riley
  27. Seth Clearwater
  28. Trying to help Leah Clearwater fight a newborn vampire
  29. Dr. Fang
  30. The Volturi-Jane
  31. Bree
  32. It was the ring his father gave to his mother
I hope you enjoyed this trivia! I will also be posting trivia questions for the other books so keep an eye out. All you Twi-fans (like myself) can brush up on your Twilight facts!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Covet NYC Winner!

And the winner of the Covet Restaurant & Lounge NYC $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway is... Comment #24, Momma Teri. Congrats to the winner! I will be emailing you shortly. Thanks to everyone who followed, posted, and entered this giveaway!

Momma Teri said...

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2010-07-06 22:44:43 UTC

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans! Remember to be thankful for all the wonderful freedoms we enjoy.
Be safe and have fun! Hopefully you are spending some time with friends and family today.
I worked this morning and we will likely grill up some food later. Its been raining so we're crossing our fingers that it won't rain this evening for all the fireworks!
I might go see the new Twilight movie, Eclipse later this evening if our plans get rained out. 
Again, have a Happy 4th!

Mary S
512 Kidz blog

Friday, July 2, 2010

Jiffy Lube Winner!

And the winner of the $35 Jiffy Lube Gift Card Giveaway is... Comment #51, Small Footprints. Congrats to the winner! I will be emailing you shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered, posted and followed this giveaway!

Small Footprints said...
I scored 60 on the MOM test (85.71%). WhooHoo!

I learned that in cold weather it's best to warm up a car for a minute and then slowly accelerate!


reducefootprints (at) gmail (dot) com

Random Integer Generator

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Timestamp: 2010-07-02 15:44:23 UTC

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June Monthly Wrap Up

Books I read in June:

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella by Stephenie Meyer

I finally read it and loved it! Can't wait to see Eclipse on the 4th.

Top Posts in June:

Top Commenters

Recent Visitors




Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom

Boutique on Feet

Books I Hope to Read in July

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Vampire Academy and Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Novel by Richelle Mead

The Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive Part I by L. Jane Smith

Posts Coming Up in July

Terro Mosquito Repellant Review

Star Wars Cookie Cutters and The Ultimate Grilling Collection from Williams-Sonoma Review

Radius Toothbrush Review

Le Baby Hair Gel Review

You're Not the Boss of Me: Brat Proofing Your 4- to 12-Year Old Child by Betsy Brown Braun Book Review

Rich's Products Review

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Standard Virgin Coconut Oil Review

myMoney Power Party

and maybe a giveaway or two!

Thanks for reading and supporting 512 Kidz blog!

The Jensen Project Family Movie Night Twitter Party 7/16!

TwitterMoms is hosting a Family Movie Night Twitter Party! Join us July 16 at 8/7 central (8-10 pm or 7-9pm) to watch The Jensen Project on NBC. Log on to twitter as you watch the movie and join in the discussion. To view discussions and comment click the link below, that is where the event will take place! Use hashtag #jensenproject.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Brown Rice Blog Tour

"I live in a house full of athletes. Between my teenage son who currently plays varsity volleyball, my daughter who plays on a traveling club soccer team, my husband who loves to golf, and always trying to perfect my forehand on the tennis court myself; we expend tons of energy in our respective athletic pursuits. Simply put, we need carbohydrates to maintain our energy level. And when we sit down to dinner, we need to refuel!

However, what we need to eat to stay fit and healthy doesn't always work into our limited time or appeal to our taste buds. Like many moms, I tend to reach for heavier meal staples like pasta or potatoes, which are great in winter but can weigh you down during the summer months. And also like most moms, I want to serve whole grain brown rice because of its numerous health benefits (one cup meets 100% of daily grain requirement, supports a healthy heart and is loaded with iron and fiber), I just don't always have the time to prepare it.

So to give home cooks the choice, Uncle Ben's has developed a few types of whole grain brown rice – Natural Whole Grain Brown, with the traditional cook time (40 minutes), plus Fast & Natural Instant Brown Rice and Boil-In-Bag Whole Grain Brown Rice (both ready in 10 minutes) so you can decide which type of brown rice fits the type of meal you are preparing, but still know that you're getting whole grains on the table.

To help showcase the versatility of their Whole Grain Brown Rice, Uncle Ben's created a few recipes that will be a hit this summer such as: Chicken & Brown Rice Sloppy Joes; Tex Mex Rice with Shrimp, Corn and Lime; Chicken, Apple and Walnut Brown Rice Salad; and Mediterranean Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms."

-Courtesy of Mom Central


I had the wonderful opportunity to sample three types of Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Brown Rice. We received Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Boil-in-Bag Brown Rice, Uncle Ben's Natural Whole Grain Brown Rice, and Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Fast & Natural Instant Brown Rice. 

Uncle Ben's is a trusted brand my family purchases, and I have been eating this brand since I was a kid. I remember my parents always made the Boil-in-Bag Rice with chicken and I loved it!

On the back of each box of rice I received is a great recipe you can make using the rice. Some of the recipes include Stir-Fry Chicken & Vegetables, Fiesta Chicken (sounds really good!), and Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry.

Uncle Ben's Instant Brown Rice is great for those nights where you want to make a healthy and delicious meal in no time. As I mentioned, Uncle Ben's Boil-in-Bag Brown Rice is a favorite of my family's. And Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Brown Rice is ready in 40 minutes, making is wonderful for those meals you have no time limit on. Still much faster than soaking a bag of regular rice!

Thanks so much to Uncle Ben's and Mom Central for the delicious samples of rice! I will be giving my extra boxes to some mom friends of mine.

*I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Uncle Ben’s and received samples to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Covet Restaurant & Lounge, NYC $50 Gift Certificate {Giveaway}!

Brings a Little Bit of St. Tropez to
Midtown Manhattan
137 E. 55th Street * 212-223-2829

Midtown Manhattan is embodied by glass and steel high-rise buildings, loud sirens, and a barrage of yellow taxi cabs cascading up and down Lexington Avenue.  It’s hard for New Yorkers to imagine a sanctuary in the midst of all this commotion.  Situated in the heart of Manhattan, Covet Restaurant & Lounge blends old world elegance and new world opulence where guests are easily transported the moment they walk through the door.  The unassuming façade of Covet belies its impressive, bi-level interior.  Presiding over this new chic upscale restaurant and lounge is the man behind Miami ’s nightlife resurgence, Eric Milon and entrepreneur Andre Hnatyszak.  This powerhouse team has set a new standard of elegant dining with a world-class menu created by former Bruno Jamais Restaurant Executive Chef John Keller; and has redefined the New York City nightlife experience.   
This bi-level venue is part restaurant and part nightclub.  “Covet exudes St. Tropez and St. Barth’s glamour,” says Mr. Hnatyszak.  “The mix in ambiance is designed for a well-heeled crowd attracting celebrities, models, politicians, foodies, the financial set and fashionistas.  It’s where Gordon Gekko meets Devil Wears Prada."  The upstairs restaurant can seat approximately 70 patrons and the downstairs nightclub can accommodate close to 300 people until 4am Monday through Saturday. Covet is also the ideal space for private events or parties of any size.
Inspired by the luxe, rustic elegance of the Alpine après ski lodges of St. Moritz , Covet effortlessly blends the best of both worlds: the sophistication and charm of uptown and ultra-sleek vibe of downtown.  Covet's main dining room features large Zeppelin chandeliers while the walls are adorned with colorful oil paintings by renowned artist Robert Lambert. Downstairs, haute Alpine coziness is combined with all the amenities New York City chic has to offer, and this is done through the harmonious pairing of distressed wood with embossed "croc-skin" paneling, and chrome accents.
If you are seeking a bevy of young beauties and deep-pocketed bankers, Covet is the perfect after work destination for New Yorkers.  The unique and eclectic atmosphere at this Midtown lounge makes it the place to be seen. Its prime location in New York 's business center is one of Covet’s biggest draws as well as the swanky ambiance, world-class DJs, plush couches and exotic drink specials.  

Guests’ palettes will be stimulated with a menu of eclectic Asian-Mediterranean cuisine, featuring signature dishes such as Hamachi Duo, Lobster Brulee, and Wild Boar Tenderloin.  Famed mixologist Orson Salicetti has created a menu of concoctions at Covet that incorporates sensual ingredients that embody the venue's sophisticated elegance.  Offering excess in a glass, Salicetti is shaking things up with the $160 cocktail: The Icarus - includes Louis XIII cognac, which retails for $1,600 a bottle – exclusively at Covet. 
Hidden below the main floor, Covet's intimate cocktail lounge stays true to its elegant upscale vibe.  The lounge features sounds by resident DJ Evalicious, the famed '90s French-Canadian model discovered by designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Spinning an eclectic mix of musical genres ranging from electronic pop to indie mashups, her music style stays true to Covet's international influence.  For those seeking a little discretion and a retreat from the high-energy crowd, guests can escape into one of the many roped-off enclaves that populate the space. 
Hamachi Duo
Tartar with wasabi tobiko/ lemongrass-ginger oil
Sashimi with ponzu/ Serrano pepper
Lobster Brulee
Mushroom duxelle/ red chili aioli / chives

Black Cod
Gingered edamame puree / baby zucchini and patty pan compote
Grilled Hamachi Steak
Yuzu- Dashi / baby bok choy/ enoki mushrooms
Wild Boar Tenderloin
Agave- Wasabi mustard/ green apple- leek confit/ fingerling sweet potato

Persian Kale/ Mushroom Fricasse/ Roasted sweet potato fingerlings/ Shanghai Tips/ Asparagus
Hungarian Paprika / Pineapple Mezcal / Himalayan Salt Rim with Spices
Her Martini
Premium Vodka / Extract Ginger / Aphrodisiac Tea / Covet Sour / Hibiscus Bitters
His Martini
Single Malt Scotch / Black Cardamom Essence / Red Lillet / Fresh Mint / Aphrodisiac Bitters
Grain of Paradise Infused Vodka / Aperol Cooked Strawberries / Rosemary Essence
House Essence Flambé / Premium Saffron / Louis XIII / Hand Chiseled Ice
About Covet Restaurant & Lounge
Eric Milon and Andre Hnatyszak introduce you to their vision of an elegant evening destination reminiscent of European class blended with New York City sophistication. Covet is comprised of a street level restaurant and a hidden lounge below. The dining room features large Zeppelin chandeliers by designer Marcel Wanders while the walls are adorned with colorful oil paintings by renowned artist Robert Lambert. Tucked a floor below the restaurant, Covet’s intimate cocktail lounge provides guests with impeccable hospitality in an atmosphere that exudes timeless luxury.
Mr. Milon’s previous venues include South Beach ’s The Strand, Prive, The Living Room, Set, all of which have been favorites of Hollywood ’s A-list stars including Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.
Covet is located at 137 E. 55th Street in New York City . The restaurant seats 66 guests and serves dinner Monday through Saturday beginning at 5:30PM. Prices range from $11 - $35 per dish. The full service bar and lounge holds nearly 300 guests and is open until 4AM.  Please call 212-223-2829 for dinner reservations.  

KMR Communications would like to offer one lucky 512 Kidz blog reader the chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Covet Restaurant & Lounge located in Midtown, NY (**gift card is valid for food only).   
1)       Gift certificate is for 1 winner per web site (total value of $50)
2)       Only open to US and Canadian Residents
3)       Valid for 6 months from date of issue
4)       Winner must make a reservation and present gift certificate upon arrival it will not be kept on file at restaurant
5)       Winner is responsible for gratuity
6)       Restaurant is open for dinner Monday – Saturday  

-Courtesy of Covet Restaurant & Lounge and KMR Communications 


Win It!
I'm happy to announce that Covet and KMR PR are offering up a $50 Gift Certificate to Covet Restaurant & Lounge in NYC, NY to one 512 Kidz blog reader!

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