Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dr. Dan Smith -- "Back to School Brush-Up"

Back to School Brush-Up”
Now that children have headed back-to-school to begin new lessons in math, science and geography to name a few, renowned Dentist Dr. Smith thought it would be the perfect time to give parents a quick lesson as well - on how to properly teach children to brush their teeth!
"It is absolutely amazing how many parents and children have no idea how to brush their teeth," says Dr. Smith, a Los Angeles Dentist. "I am always surprised by this huge number--as many as 75 percent--because improper brushing can result in as much damage to your teeth and gums as not brushing at all."
In order to ensure your kids are properly brushing their teeth and preventing unnecessary cavities and gum disease, Dr. Smith urges you teach your kids the following:
  • The most important time to brush is before going to sleep because the body does not produce enough saliva to fight against sugars in the mouth says Dr. Smith. All bodily functions slow down while sleeping, therefore, bacteria grows rapidly, causing cavities and infection
  • There are many types of toothbrushes on the market today, including electric, ultrasonic, ionic and the "normal/standard" toothbrushes, but Dr. Smith thinks that mechanical options show better results than standard ones. Regardless, Dr. Smith believes that a toothbrush should be soft bristled, regardless of size or shape
  • Dr. Smith recommends anti-plaque, high fluoride toothpaste containing little or no abrasives. Abrasives wear out the enamel in teeth, which may look sparkly white but may be unhealthy. As far as gel or paste toothpaste, that is your child’s personal preference
  • According to Dr. Smith, flossing should be done daily. Unfortunately, most people floss three or four times weekly. Flossing at night is very important to reach food particles that have remained in the mouth after eating all day
Finally, even if your children are following a proper routine, still be sure to schedule your child regular visits to the dentist for cleanings and oral exams. A check-up every six months is recommended by Dr. Smith in order prevent cavities and other dental problems. However, your dentist can tell you when and how often your child should visit based on their personal oral health.

Cheap Pre-Paid Halloween Safety Tip

With Halloween being one of the most dangerous days of the year for children-- children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than the rest of the year according to Safe Kids Worldwide -- it’s important for parents to prepare their children to stay safe while trick-or-treating. One of the cheapest ways to make sure kids are safe this Halloween is for parents to stick a prepaid/no contract wireless phone in their trick-or-treat bag this year along with all the candy. Parents can always stay connected to their child with a Boost Mobile pre-paid phone in case he or she are separated from a group, or the worst happens, and they suffer an injury while going house to house.
Boost Mobile nationwide no contract phones start as low as $59.99 (a one-time cost) and have flexible plans by the minute, the day, or the month, which lets Mom and Dad be in control of the bill. There are no credit checks, no contracts, and can be purchased in thousands of locations across the U.S. Equipping a child with a Boost Mobile phone puts the concerned parent at ease not only during Halloween, but ANYTIME their loved one is out by themselves and they want to be able to communicate with their kids by the touch of a button.
While the strongest superheroes knock down doors this Halloween, parents will be able to stay connected in case there is any type of an emergency.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Parenting Site

There is a new site that is helping parents find the answers to all
their fall related questions.

From keeping your kids healthy through cold and flu season, to Halloween
preparation tips, has all your answers. This great new
website allows you tap into the wisdom of other parents to get inside
scoop! is a unique website that gives parents access to
answers from other moms and dads. You can type a question/topic into the
search engine and find similar questions posted by other parents to get
help you get the answer you are looking for. All the answer are provided
by other parents themselves, so your getting great info from people who
have experience it first hand! The site is completely free and very user
friendly. You can even look up questions asked in your own area!

New Product Debuts to Safeguard Children from Medicine Cabinet Dangers

According to a recent report by the CDC, each year in the United States more than 71,000 children age 18 and younger are seen in emergency rooms for unintentional overdoses of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.  It also reported that about one out of every 180 two-year-olds visits an emergency department for a medication overdose each year. 
Michael Rebando, a Long Island locksmith of two decades, experienced a near-tragic incident in which his four-year-old niece was rushed to the hospital after unknowingly consuming over-the-counter medication accidentally left on the kitchen counter.  After conducting his own research, Rebando discovered that in addition to the alarming number of toddler incidents, a reported 2.1 million teens are abusing prescription drugs annually and more than a third of the prescription drugs illegally obtained by teens come from their own homes. 

In an effort to help parents keep their meds safely secured and their children out of harm’s way, Rebando developed an electronic lock-box called MedSafe, which debuted this week. Fitting easily into most existing medicine cabinets and holding up to 15 bottles of prescription medicine, the state-of-the-art lock-box features 19,500 changeable combinations and is the perfect tool in keeping potentially harmful meds out of the hands of children. The MedSafe can be easily affixed to the inside of any medicine cabinet with four self-tapping screws included with each unit, and can also be stored in a dresser drawer, kitchen cabinet or closet shelf. 
A portion of each unit sold will support teen prescription drug abuse awareness programs through non-profits such as D.A.R.E. The product is presently available at for $49.95, and will soon be available in retail outlets nationwide.

New Game: My Baby First Steps

I am writing to tell you about this great new game coming out this November called My Baby: First Steps for Nintendo DS and Wii. Following in the footsteps of My Baby Boy or Girl, My Baby: First Steps continues the journey of raising a baby at 15-months-old. You will get the challenging, yet very rewarding, task of teaching their baby how to walk, talk and more.
With so many games for girls out that send the wrong message, My Baby: First Steps lets little girls play baby dolls in a tech-savvy, 21st century way. The game is available just in time for the holiday season. 

Visit to learn more!

Begin Smart Books

Begin Smart™ is a developmental publishing program designed to encourage the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth of babies and toddlers. Begin Smart is not just another book program. It addresses children’s need to take in information through all of their senses—eyes, ears, fingers, mouths, and noses—and to manipulate objects as much as possible.

How Your Baby’s Developing

Your baby is figuring out her world.

Everyone agrees that parents should spend lots of time talking to and holding infants. But many of us think of books as stories to be told, and it makes no sense to tell a story to someone who cannot comprehend it. However, for infants, anything with clear, accessible pictures constitutes a book. When we “read” books to babies and hold them close, they benefit as much as older children do when we read stories to them.

Reading is a game for two players, and babies make perfect game partners. They point and pat and name—and books make all kinds of conversations possible. Begin Smart books make the shared dialogue richer.
Carefully leveled by age and ability in six-month increments, the Begin Smart program will expand the emerging motor and cognitive skills of children from birth to two years. The collection includes board books, touch-and-feel, lift-the-flap, and novelty formats.

By structuring a program developmentally, Begin Smart helps parents make sense of the disordered array of reading choices they often face in the marketplace. Begin Smart is a gift of learning—not only for children under three, but also for parents. Reading to your baby will help your relationship with your child deepen and grow. And your child will grow up to love to learn to read.
Today I received a package from Begin Smart Baby Books. I was so delighted to open the package and see what was inside. My daughter was too. She loved all the various board books inside, a bath book and bath toy, a set of round flash cards with a ring attached to them, a book with a stuffed animal attached and some board books that had squeakers. She ended up playing with the books all day and we read them all together. I'm so glad I got to review these books and my daughter will be happy to read them for years to come. Thanks to Sterling Children's Books.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Win a trip to NYC - Animoto contest - Only 1 wk left to enter!

Animoto (, the video production site that turns your favorite photos and videos into MTV-style music videos with the click of a button, has announced a contest to send two lucky Animoto users to NYC! There’s only one week left to enter, so create an Animoto video, and submit a contest entry ASAP.  Details are available at:

To kick off the new video clip feature, Animoto announced this 5 week long contest, which runs through the end of September. People can submit their best Animoto video and have a chance to win one of two Flip HD or Contour HD cameras each week. At the end of the five weeks, a grand prize winner will receive a trip for 2 to NYC, 2 nights at the Soho Grand in Manhattan, and 2 tickets to watch a live TV show taping.

For inspiration, here’s a sample of what Animoto can now do with your photos and video. Imagine capturing your child’s first year’s memories like this:, or your teenager’s summer memories like this:

Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner Launch "Make Time For CHANGE" Campaign

If there is one thing that all mothers wish they had more of, it would definitely be time. Whether you'd use those bonus minutes to sneak in some alone time or to shower your little ones with kisses, we could all use an extra hour in our day! Many of us have heard about, or experienced first-hand, the time-saving power of Frigidaire's incredible new appliance line. Now the brand is taking their commitment to mothers one step forward by partnering with an admired and philanthropic celebrity mom- Jennifer Garner.

Not only is Jennifer a huge fan of the time-saving features of the new Frigidaire appliance line, but she's teaming up with the brand to launch an incredible campaign for an important cause. Jennifer and Frigidaire are proud to kick off the "Make Time for CHANGE" campaign to support Save the Children's U.S. Programs, dedicated to making a difference for the smallest and most vulnerable Americans - children.

Frigidaire's new line of appliances, the largest launch in the brand's history, is designed with time-saving features for busy moms. While it's only September, we're asking Moms - and everyone who believes in the power of Moms - to think ahead to November 1st - the day all of us change the clocks and get an extra hour - and pledge to use that time to make CHANGE for children.

Starting today, for everyone who goes to
and raises their hand with a pledge to make time for a child, Frigidaire will donate $1 to support the CHANGE program and Save the Children's work to help children in need in the U.S. And in addition to that fuzzy feeling you get from doing something good, everyone who pledges their time will be entered for a chance to win a new Frigidaire Professional double wall oven! Those in the market for top-notch new appliances should also know that, for every new Frigidaire Professional double wall oven sold, Frigidaire will donate $100 to Save the Children's U.S Programs as part of their $250,000 commitment to this worthy cause.

Visit today and make a pledge!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween Photography Tips

Halloween is right around the corner! This year, be sure to capture your little ghost or goblin’s memories in a unique way. An expert in children’s photography, Linda Russell of Russell Photography (, offers 5 tips for parents to take perfect Halloween pictures.

Utilize available light: Turn off your flash and use a tripod or even the back of a chair to stabilize your camera and use a slow shutter speed to photograph your child by jack- o- lantern or candle light.

Light your child from below: For a really "haunting" photo, have them hold a flashlight below their face pointed up. Under-lighting is sinister and very scary.

Tell a story with your camera: Start with a "still life" that says "Halloween" (a costume box, a jack-o-lantern, an empty trick or treat bag, etc) Next photograph your child before the transition from suburban student to blood dripping vampire. Capture the make up, the costume, the process.

Create a portrait of them in costume as if it were real: A princess on her throne, a cowgirl in front of a barn, or a ghoul in the cemetery. Engage your child in the fantasy.

Photograph the haul! Every child remembers the special Halloween when the mountain of candy was beyond belief. Photograph them close up using a wide angle setting. Fill the frame with candy as well as their joyful expression.

Wonder Rotunda: New Educational Online Game for Kids

Smart New Website, Wonder Rotunda, Gives Kids a Ticket to Exciting Journeys Right From the Home Computer

Today, Wonder Rotunda Productions LLC announces the launch of the Wonder Rotunda (, a virtual, educational theme park designed to open the eyes of children to the wonders of our planet. Call it “A Virtual World's Fair,” Wonder Rotunda park, gets kids thinking about the world, what they're interested in and passionate about, and how they might make their mark some day.
 To navigate the Wonder Rotunda, youngsters create a virtual self. Then, they travel by hot air balloon over the Serengeti, zip-line through a tropical rainforest, steer a submarine through the human digestive system, dive the Great Barrier Reef, maneuver the command module of Apollo 11 to the Moon, and so much more.
 Kids test their newly acquired knowledge on 13 "TV game shows," search for gold coins, earn rewards and Wonder Dollars (the Park's currency), fly blimps over the Park and shop for magical souvenirs. Keeping their avatars energized requires youngsters to make healthy choices at the Park's 12 food stands.
 The Wonder Rotunda is unique in that it allows parents to create their own personal character and join a child on a visit.  With an emphasis on stimulating curiosity and learning, the Wonder Rotunda is an alternative to the internet’s typical offerings for kids. The Park is not a social network, has no ads and commercials and is designed for kids 7-12.
 The Wonder Rotunda was conceived and developed by Eric Garfinkel, founder of the classic toy company, Back to Basics Toys. As a dad of four, Garfinkel wanted to create something that replicated the sparks of inspiration he and many others experienced as kids visiting the 1964-65 N.Y. World's Fair.
 Garfinkel says "Our mission is to get kids thinking about our world, finding things that they're interested in, or passionate about, and exploring how they might make their mark some day. What matters is stimulating a child’s curiosity and sparking new interests.  When they have interests and passions, youngsters feel good about themselves and have a zest for life.”
Some of the Park’s other adventures include, conducting a symphony orchestra, learning about money while managing a yogurt smoothie stand, riding a high speed roller-coaster to learn about nutrition, starring in a Hollywood movie, learning how each of us can make a difference in the world, a VIP Tour of Washington, and circling the globe to learn about the work of the United Nations.
A one year unlimited access pass to the Park is $45. Passes can be renewed annually for $35.

About Wonder Rotunda
The Wonder Rotunda, produced by Wonder Rotunda Productions LLC, is a virtual, educational theme park designed to let children explore the wonders of the world and experience learning adventures. The Park blends game play with rich educational content.
Set on an island in New York Harbor, the Wonder Rotunda features fifteen interactive and animated adventures covering an array of topics including rainforests, animal wildlife, marine life, climate change, the human body, money and business, American government, nutrition, filmmaking, classical music, the visual and performing arts, space exploration, making a difference in the world, and globalization. Each adventure takes about 15-25 minutes to experience, depending on how often a child chooses to probe for additional layers of information.
I have a 1 year pass to Wonder Rotunda to give away, a $45 value!
Just leave a comment with email to enter to win. You can also blog this giveaway, or subscribe to my blog for extra entries. Total of 3 entries per person. Please leave each entry in a separate comment. 
Redemption code will be emailed to winner when contest is closed. Winner picked via

This giveaway ends on October 14, 2009 @ 10:52 am central time.
Thanks for playing and good luck! 

New Motif Hand & Face Wipes Arriving in Target Stores this Week!


- Beautiful, fragrant and convenient wipes offer unique alternative for
women and mothers on the go -

The next time you need a wipe to clean while on the go, you can now grab one that’s actually pretty and smells great.
          Motif, the new line of luxuriously designed, but affordably priced personal care products, is launching Moist Hand & Face Wipes with Aloe, a unique, beautiful and better smelling alternative to the current line up of wipes in stores. Available in three rich fragrances and equally striking patterns, Motif Wipes bring delight to your everyday life wherever you go.
Made especially for women and moms on the go, Motif Wipes fit into any handbag. Each wipe contains aloe that moisturizes while it cleanses and their wonderful scents freshen with pure fragrances such as:
Blackberry and Basil (purple/blue design): Juicy blackberries and sweet basil notes are accented with a touch of citrus and jasmine.

Olive Leaf and Coriander (olive green design): Olive leaf and coriander notes mingle with mandarin and lemongrass.

Water Lily and Herbs (light blue and green design): Water lily blended with fresh herbal notes and a touch of fresh sea accord.

Motif Wipes will be available at Target stores nationwide in late September for $1.49 for a packet of 15 wipes. They are alcohol and paraben free and do not contain antibacterial properties. The three wipe fragrances are also available in Motif Hand Washes. Please visit for more information.

Motif is a registered trademark of and distributed by Minnesota-based Goodwell and Company LLC.


Motif, the new line of luxuriously designed, but affordably priced personal care products, is launching Moist Hand & Face Wipes with Aloe, offering a unique and beautiful alternative to the current line up of wipes in stores. Available in three rich fragrances and equally striking patterns, they are designed to bring delight straight to your everyday life wherever you go.


Blackberry and Basil (purple/blue design): Juicy blackberries and sweet basil notes are accedted with a touch of citrus and jasmine.

Olive Leaf and Coriander (olive green design): Olive leaf and coriander notes milgle with namdarin and lemongrass.

Water Lily and Herbs (light blue and green design): Water lily blended with fresh herbal notes and a touch of fresh sea accord.

Size: 15-count pack, wipes are 5.8” x 6.8” and perfectly sized for the handbag. Each wipe is made from a durable yet soft spun lace material

Price: $1.49

Availability: Target stores nationwide in the Trial & Travel section in late September 2009

More: Motif Wipes are alcohol and paraben free and do not contain antibacterial properties. Motif are not tested on animals. Visit for more information.

Motif is registered trademark of and distributed by Minnesota-based Goodwell and Company LLC.

Tips to Make the Most of Student Smiles

SCHOOLPICTURES.COM OFFERS HELPFUL TIPS TO PREPARE STUDENTS FOR ANNUAL PICTURE DAY (, a provider of stress-free school picture days that generate thousands of dollars for schools, has offered the following “Tips To Make the Most of Student Smiles,” a helpful guide for students, parents and teachers for their annual portraits. Reporters and editors are welcome to reprint these tips in full or to use them as a basis for a seasonal article or broadcast segment. Press are encouraged to invite readers and viewers to post on the outlet’s Web site their own tips, or alternatively their humorous “school picture day horror stories,” to create an interactive component to the feature.
1.    Mark your calendar! You do not want to forget the date of your student’s pictures.
2.    A well-groomed child is the best start for a perfect photo.
3.    Do not try out any new haircuts, styles or colors within two weeks before photos.
4.    Avoid wearing stripes or loud prints on clothing. Solid colors are a sure bet.
5.    Avoid clothes with printed slogans. They often get cropped out of the photo.
6.    A good night’s sleep keeps under-eye circles at bay.
7.    Select small accessories that don’t detract from the focus on your student.
8.    A spot of eye drop solution can help reduce redness of facial blemishes.
9.    Avoid excessive sun exposure for a few days prior to picture day.
10.  Good posture will ensure kids look alert and at their best.
11.  Tell students to relax and let their own smile and personality come through!

As background, has skyrocketed from a roster of 12,000 students to 112,000 students in its four years of existence. During that time, the company has donated more than $2 million to Michigan schools using its unique portrait services. Schools have used the money for a variety of projects and programs, including purchasing text books, lighting for theaters, microscopes and playground equipment and paying salary of a part-time media specialist, providing scholarships to subsidize student participation in tutoring programs and funding after-school activities. provides stress-free school picture days that generate thousands of dollars for schools. Its mission is to generate high-quality, easy-to-order photos while supplementing funding for education and improving the academic environment for children. Designed with the direct input of a group of four retired school principals,’s unique business model enables the company to accept a fixed fee for each photo package purchased and to donate the remainder of the cost of the package directly to the school. Since its founding in 2005, has presented schools with more than $2 million in total contributions. In addition to student portraits, the company offers school IDs and customized photo yearbooks. A privately held company, is based near Ann Arbor, Michigan. More information is available at

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome to the Official 512 Kidz Daycare Blog!

I created this site to help advertise my Listed In Home Daycare, and to provide useful info to parents!

We serve the N & NE Austin area, Round Rock, Pflugerville, & Wells Branch. We are located off of Howard between Dessau and I H-35 in beautiful Austin, Texas.

I have been doing in home care for almost a year and have 6 years experience total. I have also been a nanny and babysitter. I have current CPR/First Aid certification and have taken a 40 hour Childcare Training Course.

I currently have 2 openings available. I provide day, evening, and overnight care as well as weekend care. The only time I am not available for care is Mon & Weds mornings from 9-10am for my daughters speech therapy.

 Here is a sample Schedule:

7-8am Breakfast
8-9am Arts & Crafts
9-10am Snack
10-11am Nap
11am-12pm Exercise: Stretching & Yoga
12-1pm Lunch
1-2pm Storytime
2-3pm Nap
3-4pm Snack
4-5pm Free time: Play or Read

Of course this is just a sample daytime schedule, we are open 24 hours.

I provide a Free Parents Night Out per month for children who are enrolled. You can bring your child for 4 hours or less for free on a weekend day or evening.

Parents also receive a free private online profile to view your childs portfolio at View your childs photos and artwork.
Of course I offer 2 snacks and Breakfast & Lunch. I can even provide dinner if needed.

There is a $12 a month Operating fee for enrolled children.

No registration fee.

It is a play based learning environment with an emphasis on early learning & child development. I offer pre-school curriculum by The Itty Bitty Bookworm for children 18 mos. & older.
Children ages 6 weeks- 5 yrs of age are welcome. Older children are welcome during evening or weekend hours for babysitting.

Loving Home away from Home Care by a fellow Mom! And we are a Listed Home so all adults in the home have passed a background check and only 3 children (or less) are in my care at all times.

I usually charge $5/hr for drop in care, $80/week for part time care, $100/week for full time care, and $45 for overnights but I am willing to work with you on price.

Call 512 990 2370 for more details and to schedule a meet & greet!






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