My daughter and I a few years ago at Austin City Limits Music Fest. I love this pic!

My name is Mary and I am a young married mom from Austin, TX. I have a young daughter who will hopefully start Pre-K in the fall. She is 'special needs'. (Don't you hate labels?) She has a speech delay and sensory processing disorder. She is doing speech and occupational therapy and getting better every day.

I enjoy blogging, spending time with friends and family, yoga, being outdoors, swimming, the twilight saga and vampire anything, reading, cooking, listening to music and dvr-ing my favorite shows such as true blood, the vampire diaries, dexter, big love, and united states of tara among others.

I have been blogging since January  '08 and decided to start a blog when I was entering a lot of blog giveaways. I figured I could list my favorite giveaways in one place. I took some time off from blogging to work and when I returned in September '09, I created 512 Kidz blog. Originally I advertised my in home daycare on 512 Kidz, but it quickly turned into a great place for me to post product reviews, giveaways, favorite recipes, and family friendly (mostly!, lol) useful info. 

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy posting! You can drop me a line at any time at hellomary018 at yahoo dot com if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Also if you have a product you'd like to have reviewed, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks so much, and God bless!

Mary S
512 Kidz blog
February 25, 2010


It's May and heating up here in Texas. I have been working part time at both church jobs still, and have been watching my friends two kids a few afternoons a week. My daughter is doing well and has made a lot of progress. She will start pre-k in the fall and will be in a high functioning special needs pre-k class. 
I started going back to the gym after about a year of slacking off. I used to go to the gym up to 6 days a week! It was hard at first, but I've been doing some personal training and am gaining strength already. I have been watching what I eat and my clothes are feeling looser! It is also good for my daughter to be away from me for a little while and play with other kids at the gym babysitter.
I have also been thinking about going back to school in the fall. I will likely see if I can qualify for a grant so fingers crossed. Things really couldn't be better so I have been feeling optimistic about the future!
April was a busy month for blogging here at 512 Kidz as I did National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo: just post every day for a month!). I took it easy in May but hope to have lots of great posts, reviews and giveaways coming up this summer.
Have a great summer full of fun, family, friends, and sun. Stay safe! Thank you so much to my wonderful readers and sponsors!

Mary S
512 Kidz blog
May 27, 2010


Its been a busy few months! I didn't post as much over the summer due to a busy schedule. That schedule seems to be getting busier, but my daughter has finally started pre-k so I will have more time to myself now. She started school this week and is loving it! I am so happy for both of us. She is continuing with occupational and speech therapy after taking a few weeks off due to insurance issues. Her therapists were impressed with her progress even without therapy for a few weeks.
I have lost about 25 lbs since starting back at the gym this past May and am feeling good. I go to a lot of yoga, tai chi, and pilates classes. I also try to do some cardio every time I hit the gym. I am also eating a more healthy diet. I have stopped drinking soda, drink more water, and eat less fried foods, sodium, and bread. I am in the process of applying for grants so I can go back to school, and doing some job hunting. 
Here's to a great fall and back to school season for all of us. Thanks for reading 512 Kidz blog! 

Mary S
512 Kidz
August 27, 2010


I haven't had much time for blogging the past few months. Between my daughters school and therapy, my work and gym schedule, there's not much time for anything else! I will continue to monitor and update 512 Kidz blog in the meantime, until I have more time to return to blogging. This has happened before, I took a blogging break but came back to blogging when I had more time.
My daughter has been doing well in school and has made much progress. She eats lunch at school most days, and she is trying many new foods. She is popular with the other kids and is pottying at school with no problem.
I have been continuing to go to the gym and have lost 31 lbs overall. I don't have to be as strict with my diet now that I have more or less 'reset' my metabolism but I continue to not drink soda and I drink lots of water.
I have put going back to school on the back burner for now until my daughter is in school all day, next school year. I have been working part time during the week as a Mother's Helper (Nanny), and I continue to work part time at two church nurseries.
Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Holiday Season and thank you for supporting 512 Kidz blog!

Mary S
512 Kidz blog
November 28, 2010


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