Friday, July 9, 2010

Eclipse Trivia

I got this email with a bunch of Twilight trivia in it and thought I would share with you guys. I will answer the questions to the best of my ability, real answers are below!

Think you know Twilight? Well, think again as our Eclipse inspired quiz tests your Twilight mettle.

Let's get to it! The answers are below... good luck.


  1. What school is Bella planning to "attend" in the fall? University of Alaska
  2. What college did Edward apply to for Bella and perhaps help her to get accepted? Brown?
  3. What is Bella?s astrological sign? Virgo?
  4. What city seems to have a serial killer on the loose? Seattle
  5. Which board game does Bella watch Edward and Alice play? Ouija?
  6. What does Bella help Angela do in preparation for the upcoming graduation? prepare her valedictorian speech?
  7. Who was the first Quileute Spirit Warrior to transform into a wolf? Taha Aki
  8. What did Taha Aki?s third wife do to save the tribe from a vampire? stab herself to distract the vampires
  9. Who did Sam date before he imprinted with Emily? Leah Clearwater
  10. What does Edward buy for Bella when she has her "slumber party" with Alice? a heart charm for her bracelet?
  11. Which vampire from the Denali clan showed interest in Edward? ?
  12. What was Rosalie?s last name? ?
  13. Why was Rosalie jealous of her best friend Vera? she had a baby and husband
  14. Who was Rosalie engaged to as a human? a terrible man
  15. Where did Jasper live as a human? Houston, TX
  16. What war did Jasper fight in and what was his rank? Civil war, ?
  17. Where did Alice meet Jasper? in philadelphia?
  18. Who gives Bella an outfit to wear for graduation? Alice?
  19. What color are the graduation gowns for Forks High? ?
  20. Where do Charlie, Bella and most of the other graduates eat after graduation? the cafe?
  21. Who throws a graduation party for Bella? Alice
  22. What charm does Jacob give Bella on the bracelet? And Edward? a carved wooden wolf/crystal heart charm
  23. Why is Jacob so furry as a werewolf? he has long human hair
  24. Who is second in command of the werewolves? Jacob?
  25. How does Bella break her hand? punching Jacob
  26. Who is the blond newborn vampire with Victoria when she goes after Bella? Riley
  27. Which wolf fights along with Edward against Victoria and her partner? Seth Clearwater
  28. How does Jacob get hurt during the big battle? a newborn crushes his ribs with its grasp
  29. What does Jacob call Carlisle when he is treating is injuries? ?
  30. Who shows up after the newborn vampire army is destroyed? The Volturi
  31. Who was the newborn vampire who surrendered to Carlisle? Bree Tanner
  32. Where did Edward get Bella?s wedding ring? vintage ring from his parents
Whew! And here are the real answers...

Eclipse Answers
  1. University of Alaska Southeast
  2. Dartmouth
  3. Virgo
  4. Seattle
  5. Chess
  6. Address graduation announcements
  7. Taha Aki
  8. She stabbed herself to distract the vampire
  9. Leah Clearwater
  10. A huge bed
  11. Tanya
  12. Hale
  13. She had a beautiful baby and loving husband
  14. Royce King
  15. Houston, Texas
  16. Civil war, Major
  17. In a Philadelphia diner
  18. Alice
  19. Yellow
  20. The Lodge
  21. Alice
  22. Hand-carved wooden wolf, heart shaped crystal (diamond maybe)
  23. He keeps his hair longer because he thinks Bella likes it better
  24. Jacob
  25. She hits Jacob in the face after he kisses her
  26. Riley
  27. Seth Clearwater
  28. Trying to help Leah Clearwater fight a newborn vampire
  29. Dr. Fang
  30. The Volturi-Jane
  31. Bree
  32. It was the ring his father gave to his mother
I hope you enjoyed this trivia! I will also be posting trivia questions for the other books so keep an eye out. All you Twi-fans (like myself) can brush up on your Twilight facts!

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